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Welcome to the Men of Valour site.

It is my special pleasure to introduce the MEN of VALOUR Program to you. This program is born out of the vision to creates a focused platform for Men to connect find strength, knowledge and courage to enable them rise and unleash the purpose of the Man in them.

Humanity all over the world is in desperate need of the voice of leadership, character and protection, which are the primary responsibilities of the male-man in the family.

For lack of knowledge, courage and vision, men are losing their true identity, position, purpose, and voice. Society has diluted the concept of the life and character of the real male-man. The true virtue of courage and character, which defined men of old almost eroded.

As a result, so many men are losing direction, disconnected from their purpose and glory, leaving the primary focus of their existence in pursuit of shadow, which the voices of the broken society has set for them. Families are destroyed. Women are scared and confused. Many children are growing up without the voice of their father.

It is time to redirect male-man to the path of glorious fulfilment of his purpose, with courage and passion. Men of Valour is committed to this course.

I am using this medium to specially invite you to get involved, spread the message and get empowered!

Our Vision

To raise a total Man of Valour in every home.

What is our Mission?

  1. To create a focused platform for all men to connect and find real strength, courage and knowledge that is relevant for fulfilling their purpose.
  2. To ignite the spirit of every male-man with the overcomers fire to unleash the man in him against the enemies of his existence.
  3. To raise a generation of responsible and God-fearing Men, for a strong and prosperous family.

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Let Us help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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