Man of Valour making sacrifice

Your sacrifice is not in vain – Letter to Men

Your sacrifice is not in vain – Letter to Men

It is 3:30 AM, but sleep has departed from my eyes. My eyes are wide open, and my heart filled with great burden. It is not the burden of my problems. I have many challenges but it does not bother me now. It is the burden of many families passing through serious crises that woke me up.

Man of valour not able to provide

I imagine that many fathers slept outside their home, away from their children and wife, not because they choose to, but because crises has torn them apart. Many are torn apart endlessly. Efforts to make peace has failed. Right inside of me, I feel the pain, but I know there is hope. 

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Family is all we have. If we lose it, we lose everything.  Family is built on the blood of sacrifice of men. It is not an easy road.  We live, burn and die all for the family. You are not alone. 

 Without sacrifice,  there is no family. Without sacrifice, there is no glory. Sacrifice is not about the mistakes of others. It is about the pain we endure for the family to stand unbroken, despite those mistakes. It is the price we pay to make our family work.

When we are offended, we still say sorry. When we are hurt, we endure, stay humbled and walk away. It is called sacrifice. Not for our glory,  but for the prize ahead. It is for the family.

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Man protecting the family

Sacrifice is why we are called fathers. We endure. We forgive. We bear the pain. Yet we nurture the family, keeping her under our love, that she will not be ridiculed or stolen from us. It is called sacrifice.

This is real. This is not for the ears. It is for the heart.

We keep our head down. We cover the bleeding wound with our thick clothes. We hide our injuries and our scares. We smile under the crushing pain of the weight from everyone. With just a pair of trousers, a shirt and a pair of shoes, yet we buy clothes for everyone, but not for ourselves.

We teach, we protect, we provide, we fight all for the family to stand. We forgive the mistakes.

Sometimes, we are thirsty, hungry, exhausted, sad and broken inside yet we do not give up. We do not tell anyone, because we know they do not understand what the sacrifice of father means. This is why we are called fathers. It is called sacrifice.

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No Sacrifice, No Family

This is what Christ came to teach us. In Christ we find a family, but there is no family without sacrifice. Have you not read it,  ‘That while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’

What greater love is this that a man will lay down his life for his friends. It is called sacrifice.

The offence may be great. The pain is never justified. The sorry is never enough. The load is ever growing, but here come the power in us, Grace, Grace, Grace to make sacrifice abound.

Make Sacrifice

For every Man reading this, I sincerely plead with you from my heart to make sacrifice for your family to remain unbroken. Forgive every offence, take the scare, cover the shame and move beyond this point. There is a better season ahead of you.

Pick that family again. Unite the broken piece. Do all you can.

Your family is the pride of your blood. It is your name. It is the only evidence that you were here on earth. Do not let it melt.

This is a plea from my heart. Think about it and act on it. May the Lord bless you.

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From: Men of Valour

Your sacrifice is not in vain – Letter to Men… Drop your comment, feedback and questions

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