Failed men.

Why some men build sky scrapers but can’t build a family

Why some men build sky scrapers but can’t build a family.

This is a true life story. It is about a respected man who stood with his head held high,  claiming that he is a real man because he built sky scrapers in businesses and at work. He was celebrated by friends and colleagues for his enviable achievements.

The truth was that he was nothing near a real man yet, because when he was asked where his marriage, his wife and children are, he suddenly went quite. He does not know where they are.

These type of men are the problem of the society we live in. They raise women and children with broken hearts. They sacrifice them for personal medals. Unfortunately, they are many of them.

These men have many things in common.


They are foolish at home, but wise in the street

In the street and office space, they talk gently and quietly, but in their homes, they roar like a lion.

They never slap a woman in the street or office, but will slap their wife for asking for money to cook a good soup.

They cover the mistakes their companies make, but broadcast the mistakes their wives and children make to the ear of everybody.

They give other women their respect in the office and business place, but insult their wife and spit on her at home.

They help other women carry heavy loads in the market, with neck bending sympathy, but would not pick a pin in their own house to help their wives.

The are the patient in business and office issues, but hot-tempered in their home.

They fix the broken thing in their office, but cannot fix a bulb in their home.

They lack patience for building a family.


They land at the moon, but they are missing at home

They are smart to formulate complex equations, solve complex problems but have no answer to simple questions asked by their wife and children at home.

They spend hours with strangers and friends outside, but come home with no time to spend with wives and children.

They are patient to solve complex problem in their offices, but cannot solve a simple marriage  equation 1+1=?

They are celebrated with awards of honour for best inventions and innovations but they have no idea how to win the heart of their wives with a simple convincing argument.

They are starts in the street, celebrated in the office, known in business but behave like clueless morons in their home.

They sit and dine quietly with their foes and arc enemies in the office and business, but cannot sit at the dinner table with their wife without smashing the plate with cup.

They travel far and wide, but do not bring any knowledge home.

They lack patience for building a family.


They build sky scrapers but they cannot build a family

They are patient to design beautiful sky scrapers on paper, but cannot design of the family they wants in their minds.

They are careful not to miscalculate the formular for mixing the cement, sand and water, but not careful not to  miscalculate the formular for turning the rough sandy woman to a building.

They are the patient to pick up rocks and block when they fall off the coach, but cannot pick up their wife when she falls off the couch.

They raise many buildings made of concrete and steel, but cannot raise a child made of flesh and blood.

They construct buildings where animals live, but cannot build a family where children can grow.

These men are the problem of the society we live in.

Are these really great men? The answer is simply no; they are not.

If you are one of these men, now is the time to do something differently.

Give your family the time, love and care it deserves. It is better to build a happy family than to build sky scraper.

Why some men build sky scrapers but can’t build a family… 

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