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Why Men should discover their life purpose early

Why Men should discover their life purpose early –

With the identity crises plaguing the Male-man today, this question, ‘why Men should discover their life purpose early in life’, becomes an urgent knowledge every man should seek at all cost.

Myles Munroe once said, “until purpose is discovered, existence has no meaning, for purpose is the source of fulfillment.” What is purpose? Purpose is what a man is created to do and fulfill here on earth. Purpose sets direction for a man’s life. In fact, everything in a man’s life must begin and end with his purpose. It is the energy that drives meaning into a man’s life. Whatever a man turns out to become is framed by his purpose. Early discovery of life purpose is very important for the man’s success and happiness.

Purpose is the essence of life

The essence of a man’s life is revealed in his purpose. God is a God of purpose. Before God created man, he created everything in the world and Eden, all for a purpose. Before God gave Adam a wife, Eve, Adam was already fulfilling his purpose in Eden. Everything starts and ends with purpose. Before you start, define your purpose. Before you act, define your purpose. Before you agree, define your purpose. The essence of life is covered in purpose. Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air (1 Corinthians 9:26).

Purpose give direction to life

Purpose creates the path and direction to a man’s destiny. A man should discover his purpose early in life because until purpose is discovered, life has no direction. A man without purpose is like a vehicle with a broken steering. When a man lives on his purpose, his decisions and actions are guided towards that purpose. He starts early to plan and work towards it. A man whose purpose is to help children from poor background rise out of poverty through music and arts, will focus decisions on learning about music and how it connects to children from poor homes. A man whose purpose is to help broken families unite in peace will make sure that his own marriage is not broken.

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Purpose is key marriage success

Purpose should comes before marriage. God never gives a wife to a man without first giving him a purpose. Before you to take a lady as your wife, first find your purpose. Discovering your purpose early in life is key to the success in your marriage.

A life without purpose is worse than death, it is a tragedy. For this reason, God created everyman with a purpose to fulfill. It is important that men discover their purpose early in life before getting into marriage union. So many men are making marriage proposals and going to the altar without a clue of what their purpose in life is.

A man without purpose does not know where he is going. How can someone who does not know where he is going to take another along. They both will end up in the wilderness. Until a man discovers his purpose in life, he is not yet ready for marriage. Some men after marriage would turn and ask their wives, “what do we do now?” This is a tragedy that should never happen. When a man takes a lady from his father’s house without a clear purpose for his life, the lady comes in confused not knowing what to do with the man. This is the beginning of most marriage crises.

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Purpose reduces frustration in life

A man without purpose will pursue different visions and goal, running in different directions, without achieving anything. He will follow politicians, follow musicians, work as a marketer, learn sewing, open a small shop and desire to join the police. He will eventually end in frustration. Everything task will come and go without fulfillment. Everyone around him, especially his wife, will be torn in many directions as he is. Before you spend 40years of your life experimenting with dead tasks, spend sometime to really identify your purpose early.

Purpose brings fulfillment

Your primary goal from today should be to discover your purpose early and retire from active work early. Do not plan to work all the days of your life. You should plan to retire from active work as early as possible. The bad news is that if you do not find your purpose early in life, you will work until you are lowered into the grave. So many men at age 70 are just beginning to ask where did time go. What have I achieved? What am I here on earth for? The reason for these questions is because they do not have a sense of fulfillment on earth. A man should not be looking for active to sustain his livelihood at 80 – 90. He should be happy and fulfilled if he has fulfilled his purpose. When a man fails to discover and fulfill his purpose, he eventually feel unfulfilled.

Why Men should discover their life purpose early.

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