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Which Bad Habits will you Kill in 2019?

Which bad habits will you Kill in 2019?

Many years ago, I visited my elder sister in the women maternity ward. She was to have a baby. Surprisingly, I meet her laughing uncontrollably. I’ve never met someone laughing like she did. When I asked what was wrong with her, I was told the doctor gave her a gas called ‘laughing gas.’ What is laughing gas? It is a pain killer that removes the sense of pain before a cesarean operation can take place.

Living under a habit is like living under the influence of laughing gas. Like a cruise control, once you start laughing, you cannot stop until the concentration of the gas drops. This is exactly the way some men are living today. They have by some means taking the laughing gas of some destructive bad habit and cannot stop.

This year, 2019 is not a year to start or continue with bad habits. Every Man of Valour hoping to succeed in 2019 must have the courage to step up and kill the bad habits that worked against him in the past year.

What is a habit?

Habits are routine behaviours done on a regular basis. They are recurrent and often unconscious patterns of behaviour and are acquired through frequent repetition. Many of these are unconscious as we don’t even realise we are doing them.

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines habits as:

  1.  an acquired mode of behaviour that has become nearly or completely involuntary
  2. the prevailing disposition or character of a person’s thoughts and feelings
  3. a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior
  4. a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance

So we can see that habits define our character, our thoughts and feelings and our ‘usual’ behaviours. We can also see that habits are behaviours that are nearly or completely involuntary and because they are repeated frequently, we become ‘better’ at them.

The tendency to repeat habit frequently and involuntarily, makes it dangerous when it is a bad one. For this reason, 2019 is a year you must take a decision to end those bad habits.

What are the bad habits to stop?

Smoking: Smoking is by far one of the most destructive habits that some young men carry through into adulthood. It is extremely destructive. Thousands of scientific studies and health studies has shown that smoking destroys the lungs, damages the hearts and poisons the blood. In addition, economically, smoking drains your money. Above all, spiritually, it attracts demonic spirits into your life. It is time to do everything possible to kill the habit of smoking.

Masturbation: Masturbation is a terrible secret sinful habit. Many young men are trapped in it, helplessly and involuntarily. In their closet, when no one is looking, they grab their part and get lost into the world of the immoral sexual trans that eventually opens the door to spiritual torment. Masturbation is a habit driven by the spirit of immorality, which is the spirit of death. When a Man adapts to masturbation, he surrenders to the control of these immoral spirits. The result is complication in marital life and personal life progress. If you are in the habit of Masturbation, it is time to kill it. This year 2019, is a year to crush the urge of masturbation. Never again. 

Lie: The habit of lying is one of the most common habits, that men hardly think of. The problem with the habit of lying is that everybody thinks that every other person is doing it. Unfortunately, that is not true. So many men have overcome the habit of lying.

Unfortunately, some people tell lies even when there is no need for it. Ask them a simple question, and their default mode is to lie. Ask them. ‘what is your name’, they would lie.

Do you know that telling lies is bearing false witness. For the Man of Valour, lying is the fastest way to destroy your character and lose integrity. You must avoid it completely. If you lied to your wife, children, leaders, and colleagues last year, take a decision to kill it this year. Kill the habit of lie. I tell you, you will feel like a burden is lifted off your shoulder. 

There are so many other habits that you must rise up to kill this year. If you are in the habit of stealing, kill it. If you are in the habit of drinking and smoking, kill it. If you are in the habit of fighting, and violence, kill it. If you are in the habit of late coming, kill it. If you are in the habit of immorality, kill it.

Which habit will you kill this year? You know what it is that you are struggling with; kill it

The problem is how do you kill those bad habits. There is a way out.

Read How to Kill Bad habits in 2019.


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