Finally my brother, remember that real men are not intimidated by each other. They compliment without competing, they support without superceding, and when they arrive at the place of their predestined dreams, they are connected, joined at the hip and anchored by the covenant that was established through the trials of life. This is “the one”, the inner circle and the family who knows you, not just your statistics or degrees or accomplishments.

You need a strong brother whose eyes are dancing with pride and admiration when you succeed, a confidant who knows your weaknesses but keeps them private. He is as happy to see you win as he is to see himself be victorious. If he has shared your sorrow and has known you through them, then it is only right that he share your successes. Go ahead, love somebody unselfishly and unconditionally. They may just love you back! Jesus taught men this by saying, “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you have loved one another.”


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