This will be Overcoming in the battle of Manhood - part 6

This will be Overcoming in the battle of Manhood – part 6

💢As we continue in our discussion, Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood, today we will be looking at
The battle for the Family without Men
The creation of the woman through the man’s rib is one act in the creation story that keeps me thinking. Genesis 2:21-22, says, “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.”

Why did God choose the man’s rib to create the woman? God created every other thing by the word of His mouth and formed the man from the dust of the earth. When He came to create the woman, God made the man pay a heavy price, with his rib.

Why did God not say, ‘Let there be a woman’, like He did in other creation? Why was the man’s rib the only thing suitable for the creation of the woman?

It means is that the creation of the woman was more than what we think. There is more to it.

To understand why you must look at God’s purpose and Man position.

God’s purpose was to lay the foundation of the family with the man. God was focused on establishing the Family through Adam, not just to form a woman.

Man’s position was to take responsibility of the family with his choices.

To establish the family, Adam must choose a helper from God’s creation. Therefore, in Genesis 2:21, God presented all His creation, every beast, animal and birds to Adam to see if he could name any one Helper, but Adam did not. Then God said… “But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him.”

If Adam had named the Flamingo bird his Helper, it would have become his help mate. There will be no need for creating the woman. But Adam found non as his helper.

God would not establish the family without the man making a choice. Adam would not make a choice from all the animal that God created.

So it was a stalemate.

Since the man must be responsible for the family, he must make a choice of the creature that will be his helper or produce one for himself. It was at this point that God caused the man, Adam, to a deep sleep and from his rib made the woman.

God made the man, Adam, pay the price.

The word ‘made’ used for the woman is from a Hebrew word ‘Panah’ which means to build or skillfully form.

The word used in the creation of the man is the Hebrew word, ‘Yatsar’, which means to beat to shape.

So, God didn’t just beat the woman to shape as He did for the man. He skillfully formed the woman and made her beautiful so that Adam would accept her, and not reject her as he did to other creatures.

God did this because the Family must be established before creation is complete.

So, Adam’s rib was beyond the purpose of creating a woman. If it was just to create a woman, God would have commanded it by the words of His mouth. It was more than that.

It was about establishing a family with the man as the foundation and custodian.

Adam’s rib was the rib that sealed his position as the foundation and custodian of the family. It was a heavy price both on the man, Adam, and God.

One may ask, what if the family is destroyed? What if the family fails. Of what purpose will be the sacrifice of Adam’s rib? Of what essence will be the existence and position of the Man in the world?

Man of Valour, if the family is destroyed, men have no essence for existence. It is finished.

The family is the oldest, the strongest and the most valuable institution ever established. It is older than any country or government. It is man’s greatest treasure. That is why the enemy of the man wants it destroyed.

It is the enemy’s no one target. Devil does not attack governments, it attacks families. When the devil wants to destroy a nation, it attacks the heart of the fathers in the families, to eliminate them from position. If it succeeds, then it is a question of time before the nation is up in flames.

The battle of Manhood is the battle for the family.

Everything God did in the history of humanity, He started with a family.

The bible is the story book of families. Starting from the family of Adam, the family of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Saul, Eli, Samuel, to the family of Joseph the earthly father of Jesus, name it, it is family, family, family.

The history of your life is the history of your family.

Everything God did on earth is traceable to the family of one man or the other.

It is men that prepared the family for God to use for His purpose on earth. When men fail to secure and prepare the family, God’s purpose is delayed, and humanity spins into crises of existence.

The family of Noah built the Ark that saved humanity. When God was looking for a king for Israel, he went to the family of Jesse to pick a little boy David. The family of Joseph gave humanity Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind. When prophet Eli failed to secure his family for God’s purpose, God moved to another family; the family of Elkana, whose wife Hannah was barren.

The failure of men to raise and secure their families for God’s purpose is the reason why the society is almost looking like hell; filled with violent children, swimming in drugs and immorality, possessed with disobedient heart sealed with reprobate minds against reason.

Recently, I watched a live show where 6 men had 83 children from 50 women, and yet these men do not live with any of these children.

Without dwelling on the devastating impact of lack of fatherhood on these children, these are wasted men, who have failed God in their mandate on earth. When God is looking for the family to raise another David, or Samuel from, will these men present any family for God’s purpose. NO!

Having sex and giving birth to children without a family where the man is the foundation and responsible is not God’s plan. God’s plan is family first before children. If a man or woman is not ready to build a family, he should bother having children.

I have searched my scriptures and cannot see a place where God choose a man without referring to his father.

When you go through the scripture, you will read things like, Joshua the son of Num, David the son of Jesse, James and John sons of Zebedee. Why must reference be made to their fathers. It is because the family is the roots of whatever God wants to do. God never bypasses the family.

Raising the family is a serious battle facing Men. Men are getting exhausted and afraid to face the issues around family life.

This is Satan’s strategy is to take control of the family from the man. His second weapon is to create confusion by creating alternative to the role of the man.

In this generation, having a child without a father is now a trophy for celebration. Having children with unknown faceless fathers is now fashionable. It is now the evidence of becoming a real celebrity. It brings many fans and followers on social media, and many think it is the way to go.

A lady who announces that she is pregnant for a faceless boyfriend is now a heroine. Her story will make headlines with fans praising her as a heroine with courage.

Have you not heard about the baby mamas, whose job is getting pregnant for any man that cares? Have you not heard about side chicks who reject marriage but track down married men and seduce them to carrying children for them out of their matrimonial home?

It seems that the only need of the man to the woman of this generation is the sperm he can produce to give her children. The ladies need the sperm but does not need the man.

There is now a sperm market, where a woman can buy a sperm of her choice. The sperm is injected into the woman by a specialist doctor to get her pregnant. She does not need the man. In 9 months, the lady gives birth to a child without Father with the sperm she bought from the market, becoming a single mother, raising children who would have no true experience of family and fatherhood.

Sperm for sale, just like goods on the supermarket shelf, not even expensive as one would think.

Men wake up!!! There is a battle going on.

The question is, ‘are the men destroying the foundation of the family or the family with the woman is destroying the men?’

I don’t have the answers but again I will ask, who is in control of the family? Is it the man, the woman or the government?

Men must realise that the death of the family is the death of Manhood. For each family destroyed, it is the manhood that is destroyed.

That is why you must fight for the institution of the family. Don’t let Adam’s rib be in vain. Don’t let God look for a family to use and find non.

Where would God find the next David for your country? Would it be in your family? What will your family do in the kingdom of God, for the cause of humanity?

Men, we have the responsibility to raise families that God will find children of virtue for use. It is you, not any other person that will raise that family.

This must make sense to you. It is a battle you must win in companion with the woman that God has given you.

Our responsibility as Men is to secure and prepare the family with every virtue that will qualify it for God’s use.

God is looking for men who will raise families where righteousness and light dwell. Families that will shock the world. God blesses such men tremendously.

If you are yet to get married, this is the reason why you should do so; Family that is useful and available in God’s hands.

A man who fails to raise a family that is useful and available in God’s hands is a man with eternal judgment hanging low on his neck.

As a man, you must not fail in your family mandate. It is a battle you must win, even if it cost everything, including your ribs, don’t let it fail.

No matter what you face, don’t quit. Don’t run. Be a lion. A man of Valour. Don’t turn your back. Fight and Fight to keep it until you are called home. Fight with wisdom. Fight with your spirit. Fight with courage. Fight Christ in you. Fight!

It is a time to say, My family cannot disappoint humanity.
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