The Power of Immovable Men

The Power of the Immovable Men – Part 2

The Power of the Immovable Men – Part 2. As a man, your position is your the key to your inheritance. When a man is sold into slavery, he loses his position, but the greater tragedy is that he loses his inheritance. In this part of the series we will look at the Reasons why you dare not move.

Before you finish reading this message, at least one man would have started his journey into transgender operation to become a woman. As we watch, men’s desire to move to womanhood is destroying reasoning, but many are not surprised because, we know that there is a battle going on. The battle of being a man is not for the faint hearted.

In this battle, many who cannot stand in their position in the battle of manhood escape to the rosy world of womanhood. It is so because the devil is first after the man. He pursues him even before he is born. In whichever way he can destroy him, it does not matter; it is a battle for his position.

The problem is not about those men who have physically moved into womanhood, but about many who are still physically men but yet are no longer men, because the battle of manhood has pushed them out of position.

Everything Crashed

Sometimes ago, a young man, about 28 years of age, came for counselling. As I spoke with him, the Spirit of God directed me to ask him about his father. So I asked him, “where is your father?” The young man pulsed and immediately burst into tear. I had to pull him together and asked him why he was crying. Then he told me how his father left them (mother and two sons) when they were very young, because of constant argument and fight with his mother.

After the father left, the mother remarried. He and his junior brother was left with no support. They never heard from their father again. As result, he couldn’t continue with school. At the age of 28 years, he has no Primary school certificate. He has scavenged from street to street to survive.

Life has become a misery for the two boys, because the unseen hands of the enemy has burned down the pillar of peace in their home and moved their father out of place. Everything crashed! When a man is moves out of position, crises starts everywhere. In heaven and on earth, something shifts. It is worse than Tsunami.

It is like a jumbo jet plane falling out of the sky. The crash site is horror. From the family to the street, to the seat of government, to the church, when one man is pushed to collide with or abandon what he is supposed to protect, uncontrollable catastrophe starts. Pain is born. There are reasons why you must refuse to be moved from your position as a man.


Your position is our Sun

The battle for position spans the entire universe. The solar system where the Earth we live in revolves around the Sun 365 days in a year is stable only because everything has its position and that position is maintained despite the forces trying to crush it.

Do you know that there are more than 200 billion Suns in the Milky Way galaxy where our Earth is located. Each, pulled in different direction by forces within, but each refuses to give away its position.

Imagine the catastrophe that would occur if the Sun would fall from its place, or the Moon would be dislodged from its position and fall on the earth. It would be the end of everything we know as earth today. They dare not collide.

For life to continue on earth, the Sun dare not move and the moon dare not shift. It is by keeping their positions at all cost that the orderliness we enjoy on earth today is maintained; morning and night.

Every man must realise that there are billions of spiritual and physical forces contending to dislodge you from your position on earth to make you immovable. Some are wrapped in the demon of sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol, fear and terror, insult and discouragement, poverty and rejection.

Have you seen the viral video of a 60 years old lawyer who died in the hotel after having sex with a prostitute who could be of the age his child? He picked her up from the street. What is even shocking being the sex enhancing drugs that were found in his bag in the hotel, while he laid dead. You know about that man because the video was released, but the sad fact is that hundreds of men, unnoticed bow to these spiritual forces of sexual poison and drugs that has been released on earth to take men out of position.


However, It is time to declare to yourself, ‘I shall not be moved’. As a man, your position is as important as that of the Sun, to the moon and earth. The sun is the primary source of light and all energy to the earth and moon. Remove the Sun and the earth and the moon will die in darkness. Remove the man and the heart of humanity will freeze in desperation for direction. You are the Sun that gives energy, light and direction for many who look up to you, including your wife and children.

The Power of Immovable Men: Your position is our protection

You may think that your position is insignificant because no one honours or praises you, but your position goes beyond that which you can see now.

Your position protects the dimensionless power of your manhood dominion, the inheritance and the ancient landmarks of your fathers, which you pass on to the generations coming after you.

The sanity of this generation will be protected by your position; even your wife, children, family and community.

It protects the ark of righteousness that pulls down God’s mercy and riches upon the earth.

Arrows will come, let them fly around, but dare not move.

Battles will arise, let them rage, but dare not move.

Failures will come, but dare not move.

There will be tears and pain, but dare not move.

He that is in you is stronger than he that is in them.

When you fall, rise up, pick yourself again, but do not move. Your position is our Sun, our Reward and our Protection. Man of Valour, Dare not move!!! We need you in that position. You are Immovable!

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