The church can offer man many wonderful arenas of support, service, instruction and fellowship. However, it cannot replace the personal connection he needs with the living God who formed him in his mother’s womb and knew him before he was a glimmer in his father’s eye.

So many men in their struggle along the journey long to be know and seen appreciated for who they are . They feel like they are forced to conform and stretch themselves into being someone different for all the different players in their lives – a loving husband to their wives, a devoted father to their children, a dutiful son to their parents, a loyal friend to their network, a tireless worker to their company, and on and on it goes. And then we feel missed for who we really are without really placing where all of these roles can be stripped and our true center revealed.

Our relationship with God provides us with this safe place in which to maintain our sanity and security. Through knowing and relation to His son Jesus, we are invited to be transformed in this life and to become more than we could ever become. He (God) is the one who calls and coaches us to take risks that seem beyond our reach. He is the loving shepherd who comes after us when we go astray, leaving the ninety-nine so that when we fail to stay on the path He can rescue and redirect us. He is the fierce and passionate defender of our souls, thwarting the enemy who prowls and scowls and seeks to devour us. Jesus is the tender friend who listens and understands even when we ourselves don’t know what we mean or who we are. He is the compassionate Healer who offers us peace and comfort and solace in the shadow of His wings.

This month as we press into dimensions of Victory, we need to come into realisation that God is the centre of our being. To overcome in the battles of Manhood, we need to make God the captain onboard.

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