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The horror marriage of Kamsiyochukwu – True Life story

The horror marriage of Kamsiyochukwu – True Life story

My name is Kamsiyochukwu. I am 24 years old and the only daughter of my parents. We live at Adelabu street Surulere Lagos.

Last year, 2017, I met a man called James Omorodion living in shevron estate,lekki Laos. I use to visit one of my friend there every weekend, then on one of such weekends, I met James driving out of the estate and he stopped me and my friend. After much greetings, he told my friend that he likes me and to cut the long story short, one thing led to another we started dating. The man is very rich. He lives in a very big duplex of his own and drives different exotic cars. I visit him every weekend and sometimes spend the nights weekdays when he wants to see me. He was so nice and was buying me many things, he changed my life and paid all my out standing fees in the university. Within the few weeks we started dating he bought me a Range Rover evogue and put 2million naira for me in my account.

He Used a very expensive Ring to propose to me, an iPhone 7, and many other gifts. On the day of my formal native introduction that he met my parents to ask for my hand in marriage he bought them so many things and gave them plenty money. 8 months later, we got married which was March this year. My Wedding and my traditional was done the same day in my village. Am from Orlu in Imo state and he is from Ekpoma Edo state.

We came back to lagos with a flight and same day he bought my parents a Lovely car and told them he will be taking me to America the next day for honeymoon. So on our way to lekki his house,i asked him how we will be go America the next day when I have no visa or even international passport yet. He told me never to worry that he can get everything in less than 8 hours, that is obvious I don’t know that I am married to a King that if I know how connected he is, then I should count myself as one of the luckiest women on earth. I didn’t doubt cos he is very very rich. The night we got back, he made love to me passionately like a new bride. The next day, after he got ready for work, he told me to follow him to an empty room in the house which I always ask him why the room has no bed and nothing inside some months ago and why he didn’t furnish the room like the rest, but he waved it off. I was trying to unpack, when he told me to leave my clothes and follow him. When we got into the empty room, he told me to remove my clothes and hand it over to him. I was surprised and asked what for. The next thing I know was for him to give me a hot slap, the nice man I dated 5months and married turned into a beast in my presence. He Beat me and stripped me naked then he raped me and locked me inside the room on bare cold floor and left. I was there till he came back in the night and unlocked the door without saying anything then dropped me a plate of rice and a plastic spoon with bottled water and locked back the door. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand anything so I ate the food.

The only thing in the room is toilet and bathroom, no towel, no soap, no mattress or blanket just an empty room. That same night in the darkness, he walked in and flogged me 12 strokes of cane, he raped me again and left. Each time I try to talk to him or beg him, he will punch my face so I stopped talking. I became dumb and lost.

This continued happening every night,for so many days I lost count, after he brings me food,he will leave for some hours and come back again to flog me and rape me. I screamed, cried and beg but nobody came to my rescue. I had already given up and was praying for death to take me away. I got sick and I thought he will pity me or give me a blanket to cover myself and stop sleeping naked on the cold tiled floor. But he did not. He still flogs me and rape me upon how hot my body was until one night I started to bleed heavily and lost consciousness, when I later open my eyes I saw him with another man telling him that I lost the baby,I was wondering which baby, that was when I knew I got pregnant and lost it in that process. After the man gave me some drugs and injections, both of them left, he came back later with some food and mop to clean up the blood and took me into bathroom to bathe me and left me. All my body was sore from the flogging and hitting with raping. I didn’t see him again until the next night when he brought food and came back to flog and rape me again as usual. Anytime am seeing my period, he rapes me like that with the blood. I was seeing my period on the floor he refused giving me sanitary pad or tissues he will tell me shut up that I should allow the menstruation on the floor, he comes in every night to clean off the blood with a new white towel that I really do not understand. I lost count of how long I was locked abused. He never had any visitor. I kept wondering what he told my parents. I got pregnant two times but lost both.

One day I heard someone whistling close to the window where I was, then I started shouting and hitting the window hard with all my strength, until the person looked up and asked na who be that? That was when I recognised the voice as that of his gate man. So I started shouting his name and begging him to help me that my husband want to kill me. So he said when did I come back from America and how did I pass the gate that he did not see me. I kept begging and crying for his help. At first he refused to help saying oga warned him not to near the main building no matter what. But his tap stopped rushing so he quickly rushed to fetch water from the main building before he heard my voice. I continued to cry and convince him that I was dying until he agreed.He left and came back to tell me that the door to the main house is locked but that he will go and get someone to help him break down the door. That was how he and one other guy broke down the door and came upstairs and still break the room i was locked in and they saw me naked. It was the aboki that ran to his gate house to get me his cloth he gave me his trouser and shirt that wore out of the house after they put me in a cab that brought me back home.

The aboki also left the same day. My family couldn’t recognise me when they saw me. I was rushed to the hospital and that was where I told them everything that happened to me. My family said he visits them every two weeks to give them goodies. He lied to them that I sent them from America that he left me with his elder sister in the us cos he got an urgent call for business that made him return without me and that I will be back in a month time, he kept deceiving my parents each week he visited them, but refused to give them phone number to contact me. He was using lies upon lies to cover up. My dad arrested him that same day, he claimed I was lying against him that am just after his money, even with all the marks of the numerous flogging on my body with all the cuts on my lips. That same night after his arrest, his lawyer went to bail him and he was released. This man held me captive and tortured me from March this year to August and he is getting away with it because he is very rich and we are poor, even the police can’t do anything about this they kept collecting money from us and tell us to go home that they will keep investigating.

The man even warned my father that we should move on with our lives and keep our mouths shut if we don’t want him to kill us and if he hears this matter anywhere further that he will kill me by any means. But I can’t keep quiet and let him go like that.I ve been following you, I am ready to go any length to get justice. Please I am very bitter help me, this man ruined my life and destroyed my body.I need justice. There’s more to this story, but I don’t want to get you tired of reading. Reply me pls, for me to know I can call you if you can give me your number and would also like to see and show you evidences.
Please ”

The horror marriage of Kamsiyochukwu – True Life story

Men of Valour For this story and wish to provide it for your learning and comment. What do you think this lady should do. Should she seek revenge? How can she get justice?

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