The Battle Manhood

The Battle of Manhood, this is how to win – Part 1

The Battle of Manhood, This is how to win- Part 1

I was born a Man, but now I am a Woman. I was born a Woman, but now I am a Man. Surprisingly, this is the absurd statements that has become common in today’s world. Men turning themselves into women, biologically and physically. What type of demon has bewitched this generation? The battle line for Manhood has been drawn.

Well, welcome to the 21st century where the battle of Manhood has defiled common sense. It is a dirty battle.

The toughest test in today’s world is it to tell what defines the male-man. After listening to the stories and narratives of the world media, one would argue that it is almost easier to define an animal, than to define the male-man.

Everyone has an opinion of who the man is, yet the man doesn’t who he is. Today, the most confusing phenomenon in the face of humanity is not how to fire a rocket, but defining who a man is, because the demons in the world has pushed the man to set his manhood on fire.

What defines a man? This is a question you must answer with the deepest understanding of your source and essence if you are Man.

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Growing up, it was impossible to confuse the man with another creature. The assertion of his strength, courage, toughness and character made him the pride of creation. There was a man in him you could see in the roar of his voice and stir of his eyes. Nations wanted more of the male-man. The weakness of his strength was enough to defend the land of his inheritance. The courage in his spirit was enough to quench the furry of the advancing enemy. The toughness in his bones was enough to carry the weight of his family. The strength of his courage convinced the beautiful damsel to follow him home. When things got tough, men got tougher. When things got impossible, men figured out the hardest way out.

In the land of Egypt, Pharaoh ordered the killing of any male-man born in the house of the Israelite. Why? The Israelite-male were his biggest threat to the throne. In the land of Judah, Herod ordered the killing of all male child within two years and below, in his search for the male-child Jesus.

The Battle Manhood

The demons in the world has long set out the fierce pursuit of the male-man to eliminate him. In response, the male-man is caught up in limbo, trying to figure out how to respond. In the battle for survival, the image of male-man is changing. His character is painted criminal, violent and untrustworthy. His biological frame is being mutilated. His self-essence is as described by the news media, like CNN and BBC, where the essence of the male-man is being declared as “OBSOLETE”.

Many times, I have heard statement like: All men are the same, Men are dogs, All men cannot be trusted. These are dangerous statements of war. They are meant to cripple the male-man even before he attempts to live. They are meant to convince the man that there is nothing good in him. It is a demonic statement meant cripple the male-man from become the Man of Valour who God has created him to be. It pushes the man that even he tries, he will fail. It cripple his courage to pursue any virtue of character.

Eventually, the man is harassed and pushed into questioning his true self, and becoming something less than a man should be.

When you hear statements like, All men are the same, Men are dogs, All men are pigs, All men cannot be trusted, know that the pit of hell is speaking. Shut it down!

Whatever a man believes, becomes activated in his life. The Bible says, let it be unto you according to your faith.

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Sometimes last year, a lady came for family counselling. It was a very bad case because as at the time she came, the husband has moved out of the house. As I got into the matter, with prayers, the Lord began to reveal the underlying issues. The lady got close to my wife. In one of her conversation with my wife, she started advising my wife that all men are the same. She was of the opinion that my wife could not trust me (her husband) because all men cannot be trusted. At that moment, my wife enraged and had to completely cut her off complete. She couldn’t try that with her husband. It was clear that the power of this evil message was the fire that set this woman’s home on ablaze. The man was treated like ‘all men are dogs’ and he behaved just like dogs. The moment a man is painted with this demonic brush, he is dragged to the pit errors because he ceases to live for any virtue.

The unfortunate tragedy is that most men of this age are blindly ignorant of the ongoing war. They accept the evil label and become spiritually overpowered to act in stupidity, committing the same crime and evil that classified all men as dogs.

No, all men are not dogs. No, all men are not pigs. No, all men are not the same.

If you a man, or the one who love men, now is the time for you to rise and shout🕺🕺💪💪

👉No, all men are not the same.

👉I am a man and I am different

👉I am a man, I cannot be disarmed by the demons of this world

👉I am a man, I refuse to accept the evil label of this world.

👉I am a man, I am not a dog.

👉I am a man, I am not a pig.

👉I am a man, I can be trusted.

👉The fall of one man is not the fall of a man like me.

👉Other can fall, but I will stand by the grace of God my maker

👉Other may behave like a dog, but I am a Lion

👉Others men may behave like a pig, but I am A Man of Valour.

👉I am a Man of Valour. Watch out for me!!!

👉In this Battle for Manhood, I Must win💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

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