The Battle Manhood

The Battle for Manhood, This is how to win – Part 2

In the two weeks in this month of May, 3 young men has reportedly committed suicide in Nigeria alone.

1. Mr Michael, a church worship leader, committed suicide by hanging himself with his belt in his room in Abuja.

2. Chukwuemeka Akachi, a 1st class student in University of Nigeria Abuja, committed suicide by drunking a bottle on unknown piosnous substance.

3. Segun a young lady seeking admission into the univertisity attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance called snipper because his JAMB score was 167/400.

What is common to all three is that they all are young Men. This is not a coincidence. My heart is broken.

These are just the cases that has been reported. The truth is that many more men are being pushed over cliff into taking their own lives. Many are unreported.

The battle for Manhood is real. It is here. It is raging. The Men of Valour must wake up to fight, or be overrun by the demons, unleashed against Manhood.

Why must it be this way?

One one of the demons unleashed on men is the Satanic cloud of judgement and shame of failure.

Being young has become so hard. There is now no room for the man to grow up. He is mocked for attempting. He is ashamed, for trying and failing. He is exposed for seeking help. He is silenced for crying.

The pressure from the society on young men is so high that young men chose the rope over their lives. The life of men is now being measured by fame, wealth, status and influence.

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Men are being sentenced in the court of public opinion to either achieve and arrive big or die without a second chance.

It is about escaping the shame of being branded a failure. Expectation is to be the best or feel like shit.

Many men are in messed up relationships because they cannot meet the expectations set by their spouse and family members.

Being broke and jobless does not help. There is often no excuse a man can give for being in a season of joblessness or being broke. The verdict is ‘failure.’

Lack of opportunities drops the spirit of hope. In all, it is all about rejection and harsh judgements.

I’ve heard the mockery statements, “You say you are a Man, prove yourself.” This sort of statements and attitude has taken so many men off their track.

Listen my fellow Men, this is a battle without rules of engagement, but the grips of the rope is not the solution. The bite of the poison is not the answer.

You the Man of Valour must Fight back.

Never give in to the power and voice of suicide.

You must stay strong an fight. If you do not win today, you will win tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow. There is hope. Remember the generation of your name hangs on your breath.
Committing suicide is more shameful than fighting forward. There is always another chance at life.

Place you body on control. Do not let your body control you. Do not let the world control your decisions to live.

Place your expectations under control. Do not let your expectations control you.

Place you goals under control. Do not let people set goals for you to pursue. Pursue your life goals. Fail or win, it is your goal. If you do not win today, you will win tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow.


You are the one in-charge of the things that you allow happen to you, because Our God never fails. So stay hopeful. Keep hanging on. There is a light coming.

Do not stay away from the power of grace and hope in Christ. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all. There is hope.

When things come crashing, run to the cross, where Jesus shed his blood for you. There is power in His blood to mend the broken pieces.

Don’t die in silence. Speak to someone. Men of Valour counselling team is always ready to support you with your counselling need. Make a counselling request at our website. www.themenofvalour.com/counselling.

It is time declear in the voice of the spirit of the Man of Valour,

“In this Battle of Manhood, I am a winner.”

Share this message. Send your comments and question.

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To be continued – Part 3

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