Expository Marriage Guide for Men

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Expository Marriage Guide for Men

This simple e-book is a powerful life companion for all men walking into and through marriage life. It is a revelation of truth and keys, prepared for men like you, who are ready to make an indelible statement of fact towards their life; that all men are not the same. Get this book and unleash the glory of the man in you. Instant download…


Expository Marriage Guide for Men

Whether you are at home, in the office…

…or on vacation…

…this book will strengthen your readiness to unleash the man in you.

Among the vast revelations in this book there are many questions answered in it which you cannot afford to miss as a man. Here are just 12 of such questions…

  1. How to lay a solid foundation for your marriage.
  2. How to attract the right woman to marry and avoid deceitful one. The single most important thing to look out for.
  3. Avoid the trap of fake and slay queens in gentle sheep clothing.
  4. Understand the dimensions complexity in the character of women and how to study and understand them.
  5. How to deal with a woman who will not submit to your manhood authority.
  6. What men are doing wrongly in their marriages and how to avoid them in yours.
  7. You will understand the difference between love and trust and which is more important.
  8. What is love without trust in a marriage; and what is trust without marriage?
  9. How to successfully manage parental interest in your marriage journey.
  10. The most expensive mistakes a man should never make in his marriage.
  11. Why you may marry a harlot, and how to avoid it.
  12. The price you must pay and must not pay for marriage.



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