2020 Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet

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This 2020 Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book provides that powerful tool you need to kick start the journey to your successes in the year 2020. It contains:

  • Professional guidelines on how to set achievable goals.
  • 9 steps for creating a solid plan for each goal
  • Examples of typical goals and plans that you adopt and modify to suit yours
  • Amazing, worksheets are also provided for you.
  • Easy steps to follow
  • How to avoid failure of set goals

Most Successful people already have their 2020 goals and plans on paper. This e-book is a perfect give away of the secret key that  most successful people have used over the years to build sustainable success and wealth.

Whether you are business tycoon, an employer or employee…, a pastor, a musician or a footballer… this 2020 Goal setting guide and worksheet is for you. Get this e-book and unleash the glory of the man in you…

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2020 Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet

The coming new year, 2020, marks the end of a decade and the beginning a new 365 days just for you to spend the way you like. What will do with the year 2020? What are your goals for 2020?



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