This will be Overcoming in the battle of Manhood - part 6

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 4

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 4

As we continue in this month discussion on Overcoming in the battle of Manhood, today, we will be looking at the Battle for the Loins of Man.

From Blessing to Curse

One scripture that scares me is from Number 25. Balak the king of Maob hired Prophet Balam and paid him heavily to curse the children of Israel for him but he could not succeed, because God warned Balam that the children of Israel are blessed and cannot be cursed. Four times Prophet Balam tried to curse them but the curse where changed to blessings as he opened his mouth.

In response, Balak being obsessed to destroy the Men of Israel, invented a killer strategy. He sent the women of Moad into the camp of Israel and Men of Israel started committing immorality with them. The result was devastating. Twenty four thousand (24,000) Men died because of God’s anger as a result of their immorality.

Balak achieved his agenda of death and curse on the children of Israel by the battle of the loins of Men. What Balam’s curses could not achieve, immorality with the women of Maob achieved.

This is the story so many men. They are blessed, but they opened their loins to immorality and death and curse entered into their life. The Battle for the Loin of Men is the battle of death or life. Many are moving around, but there is dead and buried. This cannot be you…

The Secret

There is a secret I want to reveal to you. Are you ready for it? Some ladies has offered to give free sex to any man who is available. They are beautiful, elegant, with charming eyes, fixed body curves and ready for any available man.

When you search spiritually, you will find something very shocking. Most of these ladies carry pythons Spirit from the queen of coast that turned into humans. They are on a mission. Their mission is to lock down the spiritual destiny of men, as many as they can. Their path of covenant is in their private part. Unfortunately, some men are already having sex with them.

Dear Man of Valour, there is no free sex anywhere. Let the destructive illusion of picking sex like paper in the street and clubs end now and depart from your thought.

A lady offered herself to you free for sex and you are not scared. Hey!!! You are still standing near her. Are you not aware that you are in a battle? Have you thought about the exchange that is about to take place, the price and the cost you are about to pay.

The Price

The price is heavier than carrying the whole world on your head. Every man, single or married, who goes hunting for free sex outside his family will eventually pay a very heavy price, with his life.

The moment you have sex with a woman, you have shared a piece of your spirit with her forever. It is forever.

So many men have the spirit of their destinies locked up in the bottom of the sea, with the queen of coast, because of one night stand sexual affair with a strange woman they picked on the road.

Two weeks ago,  a young man came for counseling and prayer at the church service. As I prepared to pray to for him, the spirit of God ministered to me that his ways has been blocked by the Marine spirits he contacted through casual free sex. When I revealed this to him,  he told me that one of the ladies is now living with him. They are not married and he does not know her parents. These are deep issues.

So many men are frustrated from achieving anything because of a cheap girl they picked up in the street. Some did it when they were young, but they never recovered.

What you must understand is that there is No free or cheap girl in the street. Most of the slay queen falling over you are agents of destruction released from the kingdom of darkness and the queen of coast to drain your destiny into their coven for riches of the dark. They are many. They are everywhere. They are enemies.

The moment you share sexual intercourse with just one of them, you have stepped into the python’s mouth. Their private part is the python’s mouth. The moment your sperm comes in contact with the python’s poison, your spiritual destiny is poisoned and locked. You can never be the same again, except by the merciful intervention of the Almighty God. The future of your life will be riddled with stories of missed opportunities, lost favour, stagnation, confusion and poverty.

Sexual immorality is deadlier than poison. It destroys the man and everything in his path. It has brought great men down. It has destroyed cities. It has burnt down treasures.

It is foolishness for a man to think that he can pick up sex a paper on the floor.

How to respond

If you desire to be a Man of Valour, you must make certain decisions to ensure that you will never be like the other men in this world today. This decision must be resolute and based on principle.

For Men, life is first built on principles. A man without principles will end up in the pythons mouth. It is better not to live than to live without principles.

If you are married, cleave to you wife. Be faithful to her.

If you are not married, wait until you are married for sex. Pre-marital sex is not fun. It is a terrible way to destroy your life before it starts. Do not stick your body into the python’s mouth.

The purity of your loins is your glory. Do not surrender it to the python. There is no Free Sex. Guard your loins. Put your urge under check. Fight and overcome the temptation. Create a fire of purity of your loins around you.

Decree in your soul. I am a Man of Valour. My loins is not for sale, it is not for the python. In the Battle for Manhood, I Must win.

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 4

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