This will be Overcoming in the battle of Manhood - part 6

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 2

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 2

As we continue in this month discussion on Overcoming in the battle of Manhood, today, we will be looking at the Battle for the Identity of Manhood.  

The men of today are faced with a brutal identity crises. Last week, Sky news published a news in which a lady by name Ruby, who is now 21years, narrated his journey to becoming a man. She started taking testosterone and got her voice deeper, grew beards and facial hair. Next, she is planning to remove her breast and other surgical operations to become a man. This is just one case out of the many recent cases of this absurd narrative. Men turning themselves into women, and women tuning themselves into men physiologically.

I know what you are thinking; what madness is going on here? It is not madness. It is the brutal battle of the identity of Manhood. It triggers the narrative of ‘who is actually a man?’ This narrative is sponsored by the doomed world system and spiritually manipulated by the Satan himself. The end game of this narrative is this, “I was born a Man, but now I am a Woman. I was born a Woman, but now I am a Man.” This is Satan’s vision of the future of Manhood. Distorting the identity of the male-man is Satan’s biggest agenda in the 21st Century. An agenda too complicated for so many men to comprehend.

 The end game is a world where the identity of the Male-man will be totally lost, confused and obsolete. A world where everyone would have an opinion of who a man is. A world where the man will accept anything he is called. That is the world of today and the future. In this battle, the mind of every male-man is attacked and harassed. His character is painted criminal, violent and untrustworthy. His biological frame is being mutilated. His self-essence is as described by the news media and declared as “OBSOLETE”. At the end, he would accept whatever he is called.

The toughest challenge in the today’s world is not going to the moon, but to tell what defines the male-man. Is it his deep voice? Is it the beard and facial hair? Is it not having big breast? Is it having penis? What exactly is it? When, a lady is convinced that when he takes testosterone, grows beards, develops deep voice, removes her breast and attaches a penis, he has become a male-man. If becoming a man is that simple then, men has become “OBSOLETE”, because anything, including a donkey can be a man.

In this battle, some men have become victims, not knowing if they are truly men or not. Some men are already confused, desiring to become women. Some have become samples for experiment, turning themselves into animal and female elements in physiology and in character. In character, they are weak, hiding from their responsibility and driven into crime and self-denial. For this reason, men are losing control of the world handed over to them by God.

Again, I ask, is becoming a man that simple? If it is, then Man has defeated God, but man cannot defeat God. Let’s go deeper. Beyond the physical appearance, Man is a frame of three components; his Spirit, Soul and Body. Now, the Spirit has no male or female. Spirit is Spirit. The concept of the male or female is established in the Soul and Body. The soul is a mystery. Firstly, the soul has an account of what the body is, whether it is a male or female when it was created. The Soul is like a system Read Only Memory (ROM) card which stores the status of the body at creation and records what happens to the body through the life of the Man. Whatever a man does with his body is recorded in his soul. Soul cannot be destroyed, it can never be erased.

A Man who loses the identity of his body, has lost the identity of his soul. He ceases to exit from creation. In the mind of God, he is a vacuum, because His soul cannot find him. The man evaporates like a vapour. Psalm 44:25 says, “For our soul is bowed down to the dust; Our body clings to the ground.” This is the ultimate consequence of the Satan’s plans against Man.

 It is the foolishness of the world to attempt to confuse the identity of the man. You cannot become a man by mere attaching a penis to yourself, having beards or deep voice. Just like a tyre is not a car, a man is not a penis. The penis is for a purpose of the man, but not the man himself. So those creating manhood by injecting testosterone and attaching penis are not only foolish but deceived if they cannot do the same to the soul.

A Man is a soul created by God in His image. That Soul will one day return to Him to render account. The battle for Manhood is the battle for the Soul not the body. Matthew 10:28 says, “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

You must be a Man alive in the soul and soul ruling over the Body. Never donate your soul or body on Satan’s altar. The worst thing that will happen to a Man is to lose his identity of his soul. Mark 8:36 says, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Do not get lost in the battle for the identity of manhood. Matthew 16:26 says, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” The preservation of the identity of your soul, is your number one priority on earth.

 In this battle of manhood, you must be brutal. You must be stubborn in your Spirit; no jokes no play, because the enemy is not joking. Declare that the identity your Manhood, your Body and Soul are not for Satan’s altar.

Overcoming in the Battle of Manhood – Part 2

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