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RCCG minister: Michael got depressed because his wedding was cancelled due to immorality

RCCG minister: Michael got depressed because his wedding was cancelled due to immorality

Nigerians on social media were thrown into disbelief after several sources claimed that a RCCG minister, Michael Arowosaiye, took his own life over difficulties he was facing with his rent. Many wondered how the church could abandon one of their members in need.

However, a Nigerian lady identified on Facebook as Bennie Umoren, has changed the narrative.  The lady on Facebook has claimed that the minister took his life because his wedding was cancelled- According to Bennie, he was set to get married but he cheated with another lady who later released his unclad photos.

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According to her, Michael stopped being a RCCG minister two years ago and he started ministering at Shepherd House Church located at Apo, Abuja.

She wrote: “Mike didn’t leave suicide note and he didn’t die because of financial or rent issue. No church abandoned him because of rent. If you know pastor Telena of Shepherd House, you will know he takes very good care of his members and pastors the way he takes care of himself.”

Explaining further, she added that the house the late Michael stayed in was given to him by the church for free.

However, Bennie added that the claim about the pastor killing himself over accommodation issue is false. She explained that he was driven to frustration because his wedding which was to hold around April was called off after another lady he had an affair with released his unclad photos.

“Mike left RCCG 2years ago to Shepherd house church Apo, Abuja where he was a worship leader but was suspended 2months ago, his wedding cancelled because of sexual relationship with another girl who leaked his nud*s hence he got frustrated because of the embarrassment. His house in Sunnyvale Abuja was given to him by the church for free.”

Lessons for Men

  1. Immorality will destroy your destiny. If you want to preserve your life, flee from sexual immorality.  Read: How to overcome the spirit of seduction – Part 2

  2. Talent is not destiny. Your talent can destroy you if you do not place your under control. If you want to fulfil your destiny, subject your body under control.

  3. When you have messed things up and feel depressed, speak to someone who you can trust and confide in. Don’t die in silence. Don’t be proud.

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  5. Suicide is a demonic spirit. When it comes, it takes away hope for living. It silences the mouth from asking for help. It takes the man on the path of solitude. Never allow anything to speak hopelessness into you. Be a stubborn believer in the power of Hope.

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