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Occupations with the highest, and lowest rate divorce rate

Occupations with the highest, and lowest rate divorce rate

Research has shown that divorce rates vary from one occupation to another. The type of job your spouse is doing can affect how long your marriage will last. Dancers, bartenders and Massage Therapist are in the top 3 highest divorce rate in the US. Clergy, Optomitrists and Agricultural Engineers are in the bottom three of the lowest divorce rate.

Professions with highest divorce rate:

  • Dancers – 43
  • Bartender s- 38.4
  • Massage Therapists – 38.2
  • Gaming Cage Workers – 34.6
  • Gaming Service Workers – 31.3

Professions with lowest divorce rate:

  • Farmers – 7.63
  • Podiatrists – 6.81
  • Clergy – 5.61
  • Optomitrists – 4.01
  • Agricultural Engineers – 1.78

Meanwhile, there tips you can take to make your marriage work.

Tips for making your marriage work

How to make your marriage work.

No matter how bad things may be in a marriage, there are still a lot opportunities to make it work. Those opportunities come alive when the right marriage tips are applied. Here are tips that will make your marriage work better.

 Tip #1: Be selfless

Most problems in marriages today is caused by selfishness of either one or both couples. Arguments start when spouses focus so much on proving their point of view or satisfying their personal comfort, desire or ego.

The focus on personal comfort is a bait that leads to selfishness. Selfishness breeds distrust, which leads to fear. Fear is a torment to the soul. Fear scares people away from each other. Eventually, they will separate.

Satisfying your wants and needs first, makes the survival of your marriage and family take a secondary place in your life. It leads to the use of words like, ‘my own’, ‘myself’, ‘I’ and ‘mine’.  These words are marriage killers.

My money, my time, my respect, my friends, my brother, my, my, my are the fastest killers phrases of todays marriages.  

If you are using these words in your marriage, please stop using them. Use words that bring out the unity of the marriage. Words like ‘OUR’ often will do a trick.

Here is the marriage tip you need!

Think about the comfort of your spouse first. Think about what he/she needs to be happy. Do the best you can provide it. A meal on the table before he/she comes home from work, a little help to wash the dishes, given the last of meat in the soup to him and tuning into his/her favourite TV channel, not yours may just some of the little things your spouse needs. 

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Tip #2: Deposit things of value into your marriage account

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Marriage is like an empty Bank account. To grow the account balance, your must deposit fund into it, one day at a time. If you fail to deposit money into an empty account, it will remain empty. Eventually, the Bank will close the account for inactivity. That is exactly how marriage is.

To make your marriage work, you must deposit things of value into it. Think about everything that has value; patience, love, sacrifice, understanding, care, self-denial, understanding and many more, need to be deposited into your marriage account.

Here is the marriage tip you need!

Your marriage account needs love, patience, sacrifice, self-denial, wealth, respect and trust, just mention a few. Start depositing them. Show your spouse love. Show your spouse, respect. Be patient, not once, not twice but all the time. Bring wealth, money, silver and gold into the marriage account, so that both of you can live comfortable.

If you fail to make deposits, you will have nothing to withdraw. When you don’t deposit and don’t withdraw over a long time the marriage will close.

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Tip #3: Be prepared for changes

Looking up to your purpose

No condition is permanent. Change happens. Be prepared for the worst and expect the best.

Marriage is journey of patience because big, big change happen on the way. Change is part of the joy and trials of marriage.

Some get married and in the next five, ten years, there will be no child. Some will have triplet in their first pregnancy.

The Man may lose his job. The woman may lose her figure 8 shape due to pregnancy. She may add weight and grow more than double in size.

Your spouse may loss his/her health. He/she may become disabled; lose his finger or leg.

The disability he/she had before marriage disappear and healing comes. Change happens. Life happens. Be prepared for one.

Here is the marriage tip you need!

Have it in your mind that your marriage will take twists and turns. When it does happen, make the best out of it. The best you will do is to accept the blessings, give thanks to the almighty God for the moment, and find ways to make it better.  

Tips for making your marriage work…

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