My husband slapped me because I asked him to wash plates

A lady recently complained about her marital woes on a Facebook group called Africa Love Aid. She spoke of how her husband hit her on the face because she had asked him to wash some plates at a restaurant which was opened for her by her hubby.According to her, her husband lost his job recently and she had to take care of family expenses. Due to the strain of being the family’s breadwinner, this lady had to let go most members of her staff, hence, she had to carry the burden of doing many things at work on her own.

According to her, she was busy one day with a lot of customers and at that moment, her husband walked in. When he came in, she asked him to wash the plates while she served the clients.

The husband did not reply at first. Then she asked him again. After she said it for the second time, the husband slapped her on the face and walked out. Following that incident, he has moved to his friend’s house where he said he plans to stay till he finds a job.


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