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Scene 1

Camera opens on a young man walking on the street as he notices a pretty lady coming from the opposite direction, he gets carried away by her beauty and lost focus of his site to where he was going as another man coming from the opposite direction, who is also very busy focusing on his phone collides with him and they starts quarrelling

Man 1

Are you blind?

Man 2

You must be stupid Mr. Man, you hit me and instead of apologising, you still have the Got to ask me stupid questions, you’re lucky my phone didn’t drop.

Man 1

Who hit who? Me or you? Na so yanga dey sleep trouble come wake am, trouble that was just walking majestically and peacefully to his residence (Hits the man on his face, then grabs his phone, smashes it on the ground and storms out)

Man 2

(In fear and disbelieve) Oh no my phone… (As he walks to pick it up)

Scene fades


Scene 2

Camera opens on Man 1 talking to himself and crying (the scene to be be mixed with flashbacks of his past life)

God, what is happening to me, what is happening to me, why is my life like this, why is my world turning upside down, everyday I want to stay away from trouble, from womanizing, from… sin, but it seems the more I want to stay away is the more it comes my way, for how long will I gamble, for how long will I womanize, for how long will I stop causing troubles everywhere I go, people are beginning to avoid me, no serious person wants to be around me because the only thing I have to offer is trouble, no great man made it with my kind of lifestyle. My imagination is clouded with sin, and all I can see is darkness, a preacher once told me that you are the light and I believed him because I see the light all over him. I need you in my life father lord, pls show me your light (Scene fades)

Scene opens on Man 1, praying in a church

 (Scene fades)

Camera opens on Man 1 coming out from a very sophisticated car, dresses over gorgeously and expensively and looking far more better than before, with a Bible in his hand as he walks to a door and knocks. Man 2 opens the door and expresses shock at seeing Man 1, (flashes back to what he did to him)

Man 1

I know what’s on your mind brother, but I have come to ask for your forgiveness

Scene cuts to

Man 1 and Man 2 inside the house discussing and drinking juice together

Man 1

Ever since I met Jesus, everything started turning around for good, take a look at me now, before I could barely feed myself once a day but now, I do not only feed myself with anything that I feel like, I am feeding many three square meals per day, I use to look so unkempt, you can testify to that.

Man 2

Shakes his head in agreement

Man 1

And you can see the difference now, I have a good house of my own and a good car. My life is now stable all to the glory of God, for he told me in the book of 2corinthians 5:17 that “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Don’t you see? (Poses) God has dealt bountifully with me

Man 2


Man 1

My father in heaven told me in the book of judges 6:12 That he is with me, I am a mighty man of valor!” he called me a man of valour, I was a common man by this time last year, but today I am a man of valour, join me brother and enjoy like me.

Man 2

I can’t wait pls show me.

Man 1

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Light fades

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