Man who decided to get married after getting N400k job loses it

Most wedding ceremonies in Nigeria are always a loud and big family affair. For Nigerian weddings, it is all about the endless food, the big hall, the expensive clothes, the celebration, and the noise made about the wedding. An unidentified man has taken to social media to narrate the story of how he lost his job while planning his wedding. The man revealed that the loss might lead to him losing his fiancee too. The man shared his sad story with popular Twitter handle Sub Delivery Zone. The man explained that he got engaged to his girlfriend four years ago after he got a job paying him N400k per month. According to him, he and his fiancee started planning his wedding with a budget of N2.4 million, but unfortunately for him and his woman he lost his job months after.


He said ever since then they have been saving for their wedding and they had to reduce their budget to N1.5 million. He said the budget is still not close because what he makes now is too small to gather the money. The man said his fiancee is getting frustrated with him and she has even threatened to leave him if they don’t get hitched in 2019. He said his friends have advised him to borrow the money, but he is scared to do so in case he cannot pay the money back.


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