Kirikiri Suicide Survival

How I survived Kirikiri Prison Suicide. FOUR YEARS NOT FOUR DAYS

How I survived the Kirikiri Prison Suicide. FOUR YEARS NOT FOUR DAYS

It was in Kirikiri, I wanted to escape but could not see any way out. and I felt like a complete failure, worthless. It was not a case of wanting to die, but no longer wanting to live – I was just so tired of everything, Everything…..

One morning I broke down and called my pastor telling him goodbye and I took myself off to a remote spot (Prison Fame Building) to try and take my own life.

If I run towards the security tower, I will get fired by armed Security men.. That was my thought. Didn’t know uncle Dave was watching my movement. He saw me sat down in tears. I was away. Back then there was a real stigma, a ‘big boys don’t cry’ attitude; so I buried it and face the tower to get shot… It was a death sentence for me.

Kirikiri Suicide Survival

Few hours later, I didn’t know when I saw myself in midst of fellow prison inmates who were gathered praying for me. I was led into the solitary cell. At the solitary cell, I saw myself in midst of other inmates who have spent more than 12years. They were full of life and even smoking weed.

As soon as I started looking at their personal stories, it resonated with my own experiences, and things started to fall into place.

Do not be afraid to reach out and say, “I am feeling rubbish. I am having thoughts of suicide. I need a little help.” Things can always get better. No matter how bad they are, tomorrow is a new chance for a better day.

At any time, no matter who you are, or what you have done, there are always people out there who are willing to drop what they are doing to come to your aid. Complete strangers, with no expectation of reward or thanks.

And if you know someone who’s experiencing suicidal feelings, don’t judge them, don’t be dismissive, don’t laugh. Just listen, show empathy, and show respect. If someone is feeling suicidal, what they need is a little love, care, and compassion. You don’t need to fix their problems, you just have to support them while they fix them

I pray my prison experience inspires a soul to live cos #ISurvived #PrisonBoy #Suicide
Extract from PLAGB..

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