Gay man weds lady, makes secret lover groomsman at wedding

It is no hidden fact that the law against homosexuality in Nigeria has driven a lot of gay people into making desperate moves that not only affects them but the people around them too.Such is the story of an unidentified closet gay man who recently got married to a woman.

Twitter user identified as Alex Sensima Asiwaju Russo who shared the story, revealed that he refused to go for the wedding for this reason and even went on to claim that the groom is sleeping with one of his groomsmen.He wrote: “So i was invited for a wedding over the weekend but i didn’t go. I didn’t attend not because well i hate weddings & the only one I’m prepared for is Ella’s tbh, i didn’t go cos it was yet another gay man getting married to a lady who’s of course unaware of his s*xuality.


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