Motivation. Men of Valour.


Get Motivated to Unleash the Man in You


Mantles usually come upon the hungry, those whose tears have wet their pillows asking for dimension of the spirit. Are you hungry for the healing of your broken heart? Are you hungry for God’s intervention in your finances? Are you hungry for revival in your home? God has a way of filling the hungry, he has a way of pouring water upon thirsty grounds. Hunger for God and the things of the spirit will bring you into dimensions you can’t imagine. If you notice you have been thirsty and hungry for more of God, it is a very good sign, keep panting after him, and if you notice you have been numb towards the things of God and intimacy with him, you can ask him to fuel you with passion today.


Motivation Today

It doesn’t matter if you wear FUBU or Gucci, drive a Porsche or own a sailboat. You must be willing and able to move beyond men’s tendency to define themselves by things.


Beyond you.

Beloved, God wants to find expression in and through you, give Him space. You can’t have Christ in you and have fear, never! You can’t have Christ in you and belittle yourself as a man. So brace up! You’re more than who you think you are!



You may be a great musician, but because no one recognized your talent and paid for guitar lessons when you were a boy, you’ve given up on yourself. Or maybe you have an entrepreneurial gift but have always been dissed for your ‘foolish’ ideas about how to do business. Perhaps you have compromised your character and given up the dreams of your Youth, the hopes for cultivating the potential greatness within you. Now is the time to reclaim who you are. Spend some time with yourself. Pray that God opens your eyes, to bring you to your senses, to place a Samuel in your life right now to confirm what He is bringing forth in His creation of you. Discover who you were meant to be and embrace this man, exploring your own facets like the precious work of art God calls you to be. Unleash the King inside you!.


Not Man, But God When you believe that God has not heard your wilderness cry, you anxiously look for man to solve your problems and are willing to give all to him for doing so. You should instead listen harder for God’s voice, for He is never far away. You should never fear the shadows of your problem. A shadow only means that God’s light is shining somewhere nearby. God forbid that we seek our provision from someone or something other than God! He shares glory with no man. He wants us to make Him our sole provider. Our God is a jealous God, He said so himself. Exodus 20:4-5. Oh Man of Valour, God is your provider. Thank Him for the problem for it will bring you closer to Him. Look for ways to reach the provision by always bestowing gratitude to God alone!.


Learn from the Pieces

There is no greater education we can receive than the lessons learned at the knee of another who has been there, done that, and can offer us the map to navigate the terrain that he himself has already maneuvered. A very fortunate Man of Valour is one who can learn from both the accomplishments and mistakes of another and benefit from the knowledge that only experience can bestow.



Servitude Beyond the Pay For anyone who has ever worked for tips, there’s no question that it feels great to get that bottom line confirmation of a job well done. But at the same time, a great tip is not going to change your life. Dear Men of Valour, when we sow through service to others, we reap the rewards of feeling more worthy and capable, and more deserving of good things in our lives. Those feelings propel us ever forward, helping us find success and happiness in whatever course we choose to chart in life.



Commit yourself to prayer and to studying God’s word to learn who He says you are and to discover why you’re here. You are His child, created in His image, made to be a man, imbued with unique gifts, strength, talents and worth unlike anyone else. You are created for a special destiny that He wants to help you live out. Hold yourself up to the light of who God intends for you to be, and look for the steps He has carved into the journey of life for you. Look yourself in the eye and dare to hope again that your dreams are still alive and still attainable. Uncover your buried treasure chest of talents and risk them in God-honouring ways. Be prepared to use the unique tools of your past with which He has equipped you. Always persevere towards the vision of what you were made for. Dear Men of Valour, keeping this hope alive and pursuing it with every ounce of your strength is what fuels your journey as a Man in the process of fulfilling your purpose.



We all make mistakes – if not, we wouldn’t be the wonderfully creative, innovative men that we are. But some men gloss over any mistakes they make. They cover them, bury them, forget about them. You, as a Man of Valour, won’t do that. You won’t beat yourself up over them, nor sit in a pit of misery over them but you will analyze what went wrong, discuss with your wife or colleagues why it went wrong and make a plan to prevent it from going wrong again. Our mistakes could be anything from a badly handled family, a lost sale, a badly thought-out report, a poor use of time or resources, a failure to meet deadline – when we start to write down how many failures, there could be an endless list. Once you have made your mistake, the important thing to do is to find the right way to do it next time. Being a man is an ongoing learning experience because you don’t and can’t know it all. Mistakes are brilliant because they not only teach us where we went wrong but also how to fix it. So great Men of Valour, we all make mistakes – admit them, learn from them and move on!


Set the Standard

Everyone needs someone to look up to, someone they can respect and want to emulate. That someone is You! This is a touch call right, true! Everyone around you has a special relationship with you. You are their leader, their husband, their father, their boss, their mentor, guide, teacher and more. To be all these things means you have to set an example. You have to play the part. You have to set standards. You have to be that role model. You’ve got to look like the Man, act like the Man, be the Man!


Men, if you’re longing for your life to matter, if you know who you really are inside with a confidence that transcends the title on your door, the physical condition of your body, the number on your bank statement and the size of the house you live in, then prepare to change! Prepare to have your Hope rekindled that you are so much more than who you feel like at present. Prepare to have your hope restored that you have a unique destiny waiting to be fulfilled. It will likely not be a smooth journey. You may be forced to get off your present life’s treadmill and find a new route to your heart’s destination. You may need to question challenging situations in your life; but if you are willing to explore the inward wilderness of your masculine heart, then you will unleash the powerful motions that God intends for you. Men of Valour, it is time to move, its time to swim with the current of your masculinity and discover the secret of who you really are. Its time to catch the wave of being a man in motion!. Be that Man!


Sons watch dads, Daughters watch moms, Employees watch managers, Scouts watch the troop leader, Athletes watch the coach. Dear Men of Valour, No matter what our position or situation in life, someone is looking to us for guidance, whether we like it or not. We need to take responsibility for that fact and make sure we’re sending messages of integrity to those around us. Modelling is the most powerful of all teachers!


Forgiveness can transform lives, but the lack of it will wound and forever destroy. The church suffers from lack of forgiveness. The church is crippled, not by Satan and his demon hordes…not by media attacks…but by Christians who hold other believers hostage over their past. Where is forgiveness in the house of God?. Listen carefully, the greatest proof the church could give a lost world that Jesus Christ is the answer for their lives is believers who will forgive one another and start loving one another as Christ mandated. You don’t even have to let the offender know that you have forgiven him or her. The mere act of pure forgiveness within releases you from prison. To erase the offense, to wipe the slate clean, to cancel a punishment, and to give up all claims of the one who hurt you means you’re free from bondage. Men of Valour, let it go!


Say No to Self-pity…

Self-pity allows your ego to get in the way of constructive criticism. Do you mount your pity pot, stick your thumb in your mouth when a friend tries to point out a weakness that has you locked up in your problem? Self-pity is one of the worst enemies you can have. Don’t try to make peace with it; conquer it! Self-pity is one of the most disintegrating things you can do to yourself. Self-pity blinds the eyes of hope. Self-pity is an overshadowing defect within a person. It is an obstacle to all spiritual progress. It will cut off all effective communication with others because of its excessive demands for attention, sympathy and superficial praise. Men of Valour, determine to get off your pity pot! Take heed to what Apostle Paul says about ‘not comparing yourself to others’. Set your mind on Christ, and self-pity will soon be a part of your past. The opposite of self-pity is confidence. Confidence isn’t something you hype yourself into. Confidence is what is left when all doubt is removed. Be Confident! Destroy your pity pot!.


Be Consistent

If you were to wear a smart business suit everyday and then suddenly, without warning, appear in a jean and T-shirt, chances are people will look at you weird. If you turn in good work and then one day hand in a pile of rubbish, people are going to think you’re messed up. If you usually get in early and then one day stroll in around noon smelling of beer, they will stop taking you seriously and accuse you of being a drunk. Men of Valour, people need to know what to expect from you. You have to be consistent. You have to treat everyone (especially your staffs or colleagues) the same. Always give your work a topnotch. Be blameless, honest, reliable and dependable. Make sure that whatever it is you decide to be, you stick at it and be consistent consistently.



The desires of your heart are often confronted with problems. In order to get straight through these obstacles, we must embrace an unquenchable spirit, hard work, energy (beyond what we think is possible) and an unwavering commitment and faith in God. When you are faced with your roadblock, don’t view it as a stop sign, see it as an opportunity for patience and perseverance to have their perfect work. Life is not one mountaintop experience after another. You will encounter plateaus and, at other times, deep and dark valleys. Most a times as children of God, we tend to pray for mountaintops, tolerate plateaus and totally avoid the valley. We must come to understand that valleys are inevitable, so don’t get discouraged. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t be deceived. Press on. Within your valley, you will find the signposts that will lead you out into the sweet sunshine and your promised land.


God calls us to be His instruments to help others. Some people will try to put us down and prevent us from doing what God calls us to do as men. They will come up with excuses and reasons why we are not capable. But however, our quest is just to keep on listening to the call of God, believing in spite of our imperfections. God is going to use each and every one of us. In spite of our ordinariness, He (God) is going to use us in unexpected and amazing ways! So dear Men of Valour, all road leads to a glorious destiny. Ride On!!



People are all different and if you try to treat them all the same, you run the risk of offending them all or at least failing to satisfy any of them. If you have more than one child, you will know how essential it is not to treat them the same. Each child needs different motivating forces. For some, it is enough to mildly disappoint, for others you have to be a superman to get them to get dressed in the morning. Men of Valour, you have to be adaptable and ready to change. Study how you are with people. Be receptive, relational and lovable both in the workplace and in your home. Shalom!


The Right Attitude

The right attitude means giving it your best shot, not just today but everyday. Not just when it’s easy but when it’s bloody awful as well. The right attitude means going that extra mile, giving it that extra effort even when you’re tired and pissed off and ready to quit. Others can quit, you can’t. The right attitude is head up, never moaning, always positive and upbeat, constantly looking for the advantage and the edge. The right attitude is developing standards – and sticking to them. Being sure of your bottom line and knowing when to make a stand. The right attitude is being aware that you have enormous power and that you will exercise that power with kindness, restraint, humanity and consideration. The right attitude is being good but quick, kind but observant, considerate but successful. Dear Men of Valour, let’s embrace the right attitude not just as Christians, but as men who will give all it takes to be the very best version of themselves.


Sign Posts

Have you truly left Egypt? Are you looking back at a past relationship, a lost promotion, a bitter experience? Is your mind so fixed on a person or a situation that it keeps you from going forward with your life? What was once hard to bear is often sweet to remember. “Do not say, ‘Why were the former days better than these?’. For you do not inquire wisely concerning this” (Eccles. 7:10). Dear Men of Valour, quit looking back at “what might have been” thereby depriving yourself entrance into God’s gracious provision of “What can be”, because you will remain ‘in’ your problem until you follow the signposts found in God’s Word that leads you ‘out’ of the problem. Praise the Lord!



One major reason some people’s faith does not have tangible achievement is the lack of a plan. Planning is organized thinking. It is the key to success. Lack of planning is the major reason for failure. When you have discovered the secret of wealth building, you will realise that the major key to making money is planning. If you want one million, but have no plan for getting it, you are only wishing for it, and may not get it. A life without a plan is contrary to all laws. When you break laws, they break you. When you work very hard without a plan, you lose direction like a ship on the high sea without a compass. A plan defines your destination and direction in life. *SPECIFICS OF PLANNING* 1). Pray for God’s Leading 2). Decide on what you want 3). Give it a deadline. Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. 4). Write your goals 5). Develop a detailed plan for the achievement of a your goal 6). Decide what to give to get what you want 7). Keep the Dream Alive. God Bless you!



Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self. This week, FOCUS!


Be Joyful

Agreed, they just sacked you. Agreed, you just lost a business. Agreed, you just lost your money. YOU MUST NOT LOSE YOUR JOY ALSO! Choose to be joyful; joy takes the control of your emotions away from situations and circumstances and puts it within the realm of your control. We only experience frustration in life when we try to control the things that we cannot control. We must come to a realization that God is in total control of everything, whether tangible or intangible. If you allow the devil to minister depression to you, it means you have lost your revelation of the supremacy of the Lord God Almighty over your life. Dear Men of Valour, resist the devil today and choose to be joyful! ‘Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice’. Philippians 4:4.


People say knowledge is power. That is only partly true. Knowledge is potential power. It is knowledge that is accurately applied that is power. If you know what to do, you are only a potential success until you act on what you know. Fellow Men of Valour, set up yourself for miracles. Be willing to take big risks. The devil will speak repeatedly saying, “What if it doesn’t happen?”. You too should ask him the question, ” What if it happens?”. You want to start a business and the devil says, “What if you fail?”. You say to him, ” What if I succeed?”. Maybe you have convinced yourself that it is not people like you that breaks-through big time, That is not true. Your disqualification is your qualification. God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. God is looking for someone who is stupid enough to act on His ideas. Be that MAN!


Be Positive

Positive people tend to remove the word failure from their vocabulary. Words such as experience, results, challenge, temporary setback are preferred. You may say this is just a matter of semantics, NO. It is a process of conditioning our minds to use failure as a stepping stone to success. With the right attitude, all the setbacks in the world will not make you a failure. On the other hand, with the wrong mental attitude, all the help in the world will not make you a success. You are who and what you are today because of the attitude you choose. The Choice is yours. What did David sing to the Lord while in one of his many problems? Check Psalm 27:5 What did David sing to the Lord while in the wilderness? Check Psalm 32:7 Dear Men of Valour, Press On! The darkest hour is just before dawn. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Hang on to those promises; we are approaching the glorious provision of God the Father. Hallelujah!