Man of Leadership

Man of Leadership – Unleash the Man in You

Hello Men of Valour! Take a cue from today’s motivation for a total turnaround in your business and family. . . Leadership emerges not only when you can capably do what needs doing; the real test is passed when you can implement what needs to be done through others. If you want to lead by your instincts, then you must ask yourself: Can I inspire those around me to join my efforts? Leading by instinct requires you to influence others as you amass a pool of support. If you are to achieve the dreams set before you, it will require a team effort, with many supporting players. Your team however may be: – Your family members – Your friends and neighbours – Your Colleague at work – Your fellow brethren in Church Your instincts can help you assemble the beat team and retain these talented individual, but you must be able to influence them. Knowing what motivates them to new heights is part of this instinctive influence. Be encouraged to bringing the very best out of your team.


Be that Man

Men, if you’re longing for your life to matter, if you know who you really are inside with a confidence that transcends the title on your door, the physical condition of your body, the number on your bank statement and the size of the house you live in, then prepare to change! Prepare to have your Hope rekindled that you are so much more than who you feel like at present. Prepare to have your hope restored that you have a unique destiny waiting to be fulfilled. It will likely not be a smooth journey. You may be forced to get off your present life’s treadmill and find a new route to your heart’s destination. You may need to question challenging situations in your life; but if you are willing to explore the inward wilderness of your masculine heart, then you will unleash the powerful motions that God intends for you. Men of Valour, it is time to move, its time to swim with the current of your masculinity and discover the secret of who you really are. Its time to catch the wave of being a man in motion!. Be that Man!