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Love and Sex

Love and Sex – Unleash the Man in You


You say you want an intellectual woman. Where are you going to find her? Do you attend business or networking events? Perhaps get a professional degree or certification where you will meet like-minded people. So the big question is: are you fishing in the right pond? Are you moving around in the right circles? You may need to jump ships to find another specie of being to be around and associate with. Be willing to make the changes!



Speaking of Masturbation, we could build walls and barricades like: – Read your bible always – Don’t discuss sex with people – Pray out sexual thoughts when it comes – Have a prayer partner…etc But all these are like cutting down the tree and leaving the roots. The root will definitely sprout again and the tree will be formed. That’s why we mostly find ourselves repeating the same things we prayed and fasted against. Knowledge is what delivers, understanding is what establishes. Hosea 4:6, Job 36:12 says “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.” So, Masturbation is an act of sexual excitement. – It is a feeling, and it is temporal. – It doesn’t kill if you don’t respond to it. – It is never satisfied, always demanding for more. – It is not a replacement for fornication (either fornication or masturbation, both stinks to God). – The thought of it is FLESH which then translates to SIN. However, apart from the regular prayers and study of the word, also ensure you deliberately decide not to engage in the act again. When it comes to masturbation, go wayward, be defiant, be stubborn, rude and disobedient to the act. Then the Holy Spirit will support you!


When approaching a decent lady, your approach matters!. Decent ladies don’t like unserious people coming to ask them out. Approach a lady with respect. Greet her politely. Don’t objectify her. Don’t whistle at her or undress her with your eyes. A decent lady wants to know that beyond her body, you are interested in who she really is – her mind, her interests and her dreams. Don’t drool over her or you’ll come off as a clown. Men of Valour singles, Be composed and respectful. Don’t be that guy that is so desperate, who can date anything in a skirt! Take special care in knowing what you want and then go after a lady who is like that. Get it right and do it right!


Make that Commitment

Real Men don’t shack up; they build homes. Do you want the benefits of intimacy and commitment? Make it legal. Propose to that lady and make her your wife. What are you afraid of? If you love her, marry her! Human beings aren’t cars or clothes that you can change when you’re bored. God values us too much to want us to be treated like disposable items. If the person you are with doesn’t value you enough to commit, they don’t deserve you! So dear Men of Valour, if you are for God, stand for what He stands for. Don’t pick and choose or think you are wiser than God. Don’t shun the gift of marriage. Embrace it and reap the very many benefits!



Make it a point to commit five minutes a day to pray for your wife. Pray a different scripture for her each month, as well as other specific requests that God puts in your heart. Keep a prayer list specifically for her. Take Colossians 1:9-11 for example: – That she would be filled with the knowledge of God’s Will – That she would have spiritual wisdom and understanding – That she would live a life worthy of God – That she would please God in every way – That she would be strengthened with God’s power for patience and endurance – That she would have a thankful spirit. Dear Men of Valour, can you imagine the effect of this on your marriage relationship when you literally bathe yourselves with God’s Word as a prayer? Try this for a one-month experience, then see the transformational power of God in your relationship!