Sometimes the problems in your marriage may really be the fault of your spouse. You can be doing everything right and still face grief and disappointment, but if you continue to do what is right even if your spouse is not responding, righteousness will cultivate a harvest of blessing and God will honour your obedience. So don’t give up!

Many men and women enter marriage with serious insecurities that challenge their relationship. Unfortunately, many people treat marriage partners the way they do friends that they no longer want to tolerate. They simply walk away from the relationship because they have never learnt a functional solution to bad behaviour problems.

To bring triumph to our relationships, we must learn what the other person is thinking then find out how to show them the truth that will renew their soul and help them reach their potential in God.

Dear Men of Valour, don’t give up on your mate. You can be the role model for your spouse as you submit yourself to Jesus and respond to the tensions and trials the way Jesus would have.


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👉Click Here: http://bit.ly/2JBhTFu

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