Man of Character

Just one man of character standing

Just one man of character standing… Are you that one man?

The biggest challenge facing humanity today is that Men of character are fast disappearing. Men are choosing to become anything, anytime, anywhere, just to belong to popular opinions of weak minds. Families are broken, children are abused, wives are confused and societal values are lost because Men of Character are gone?

The Hebrew word for character is the word Demuwth’. It means ‘Statue’. A statue is a mold of an image of a person, an animal or an object. The liberty statue located at the Liberty Island in New York is a typical example of a statue. You may have seen many other statues. One thing common with all statues is that they have fixed shape, fixed posture and fixed position. Statues never change their position or posture. Under the rain, sun, winter or summer, statues remain fixed. The position you see a statue in the evening before you go to bed is the same position you will see it when you wake up in the morning. If the statue has a smiling face, it will always be smiling. On the other hand, if it has an angry face, it is always be angry. The statue does not run away from the rain or the sun. It does not relocate because someone does not like its posture or the way it has been designed.

In fact, it will take a brutal force from an intentional enemy to change the position of a statue’s hand or legs. That is what character is? A man of character is fixed in his principles. It is hard work and war to change the principles of a man of character.

For Men, life is first laid on principles. As a Man, the first battle you must win is the battle for your character. If you lose this battle, you lose all. To win this battle, first you must have a set of life preserving principles. Secondly, you must let people around you know your principles. Thirdly, you must draw a boundary line in the sand to preserve your principles.

A man of character knows that it is wrong to cheat on his wife, so he fights every temptation that rises to challenge that principle. A man of character knows that it is absolutely wrong to abuse his children, so he fights every temptation that rises to challenge that principle. He knows that it is wrong to promise what he cannot fulfil, so he is strong enough to say ‘NO’. It is a MUST win battle.

When God sent Moses to deliver the children of Israel from the strong hands of Pharaoh in Egypt, Moses asked, ‘who will I tell them sent me?’ God answered Moses, ‘tell the children of Israel that, I am that I am sent you.’ The statement, I am that I am, simply means I am fixed, I am unchanging, I am immovable. Malachi 3:6 says, “For I am the Lord, I do not change.” Do you have character? Are you firm in your principles? Are you firm in your words? I challenge you to take action. Rise up to be among the few Men of Character left. Become that just one of character standing. Stand on principles. Live on life preserving values. Stand on your words. The world is looking for you.

Your character is your wealth.

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