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International Men’s Day – 2019

International Men’s day – 2019

Today. 19-Nov-2019 is International Men’s day. I guess so many men are not even aware because they are busy trying to meet their daily demand.

The Men of Valour Group wants to use this opportunity to celebrate all the Men of Valour in this group and men all over the world.

It is a special day for all Men all over the world. A day of reflection and remembrance of the issues men face from the cradle.

Becoming a man is not a walk in the park. So today is a day that should not pass by in a hurry. A day that every man should sit back and reflect deeply on his journey to a glorious manhood.

As we celebrate Manhood today, I want to use this opportunity to draw our attention to reflect on the responsibility of Manhood.

One of of the most important responsibility facing us today is the responsibility of Leadership. It is a responsibility that we as men must rise up and do more.

The failure of leadership is the failure of manhood.

The world is falling apart because of the weakness in men’s leadership in the world.

As the world celebrates today, ask yourself:

How are you leading yourself?
How are you leading your home?
How are you leading your wife and children?
How are you leading your office?
How are you leading your church?
How are you leading your company?
How are you leading your Community?

Men are born in Character to lead humanity to fulfill God’s Dominion mandate on earth. That is our primary purpose here on earth.

But leadership without character is leadership without example.

Stories of men abusing their daughters has become common place. Stories of Men becoming the center of conflict and destabilised and displaced families has become almost normal. It takes one finger to stain the rest.

While real men are at sleep, the devil is on rampage, like a train out of control, destroying every fabric of the society and family.

Men who abandoned the gift of God to become partakers of the gift Satan have positioned themselves as examples for our children to follow as role models.

Man of Valour, you cannot be such a man. You are different. You rise and lead.

If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do. The world is looking for men to lead it to the oasis of God’s truth. Where are the men?

As Men we must lead by example wherever we find our feet. In Character, in truth, in faith, in fear of God, in love and care and in resolving conflicts we must be demonstrate the leadership that God has placed on us.

Our wives and children are looking up to us. The society is shaped by us. Whatever we do, gradually they become. We must not fail the Lord on earth. Let our lives examples.

As we celebrate, also reflect on global data of the high mortality among men. Do not neglect your health. Do not let the issues of life ground your heart beat to a hurt. With God all things are possible. Above all, take good care of yourself. Eat well and play well. Exercise and be active and worship the king of Glory.

For any man that is cornered or under siege, in a difficult condition in life at this moment, I pray for you that the siege is over. The battle ends today. The glory of God will activate double strength in you to overcome the limits of life.

If your honour has been stolen, it will be recovered.

If your promises are delayed, the Lord will release them.

If your inheritance has been delayed, I pray that the delay is over.

The glory of God will reveal double strength in you.

International Men’s day – 2019

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