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How to turn your character to wealth

How to turn your character to wealth exposes the ancient secret that money follows men with character. Do you know why?

Who do men say that I am? This was the exact question Jesus asked his disciples in Caesarea. They replied, “some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” Surprisingly, Jesus then asked them, “but what about you, who do you say I am?” This is one of the most important questions every man must sincerely ask. Some folks believe that it does not matter who people say they are, but they are wrong? If Christ asked, then you should too. Who do people really say that you are? This question is about one thing only, ‘Your Character’.

What is your CHARACTER?

The Cambridge English dictionary defines character as “having a combination of qualities in a person or place that makes him different from others, …the quality of being determined and able to withstand difficult situation, …the qualities that are interesting and unusual”. Character is a non-changing form and quality of a Man’s behaviour defined by determination and ability to withstand difficult situations, that makes him different from others. Take note of the word, ‘non-changing’.

Your commitment to uphold a set of principles, irrespective of situations, place and interests is your Character. It is the signature of your life. Your Character is your true image. It is the declaration of who you are by your own actions, not just your eloquent words. It is the reconstruction of your invisible form in the hearts of other men based on the information they gather over time about your life.

Your CHARACTER is your wealth …

A man’s character defines the capacity and value of what he can be trusted with. It defines the responsibility that men and God can assign to him. Things of value are only handed over to men of fixed and known character. A man without character, will say one thing, do another and promise another. He is unpredictable. He cannot be trusted with responsibilities of impact. James 1:7-8 says, “For let not that men suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

An unstable man is simply a man who lacks not just faith but character. Let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord. The same way, that man should not expect to receive anything from men. Men, just like the almighty God do not invest in a man who lacks character and one who cannot be trusted.

Character is like a wealth magnet. It attracts opportunities. So many men lose life changing opportunities because those in position to recommend for it simply perceived them as men without character. For this reason, so many men are poor. A man that can be trusted will eventually become wealthy. It is just a question of time and positioning before a call to the table of wealth is made.

I once read about a brilliant and intelligent young man who worked for a company. The company directors were proud of him and decided to promote him to a deputy director position. During the end of the year event, the company organized a dinner party in which a particular type of fish in the menu was provided to the exact number of people invited to the event. Each person was supposed to take just one piece of the fish. While people queued up to take food from the dinner buffet table, the young man sneakily took two of the fish, but hid one under the rice and vegetables in his plate. Unfortunately, one of the directors was standing just behind him, and saw exactly what he did. The director was shocked. He shook his head, but didn’t say a word. The young man, brilliant, intelligent and due for major promotion has no character. He was never promoted. He got sacked a few weeks later not knowing why. Lack of character destroyed his opportunity. This is sad, but so many men are just like this young man.

Never bargain with your character, it is your wealth.



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