How to Sustain your marriage with the Flame of TRUST

How to Sustain your marriage with the Flame of TRUST

Truthfulness and honesty are absolutes in life, and they must never be compromised. It is crucially important for a woman to be able to fully trust the Man she marries – before she marries him, every moment of everyday and for everyday of her future.

She must be able the information her husband gives her about his past, present and future. Without trust she cannot build a strong solid marriage Foundation. If she cannot trust her husband she will begin to feel isolated from him and will eventually grow further and further away from him emotionally and physically.

When a man refuses to acknowledge the importance of honesty in his life, he will make trust within a marriage almost impossible. Sometimes, a man will tell his wife lies because he believes it will keep him out of trouble. It becomes very easy for him to lie to his wife and he expresses no remorse unless he is caught. He will fake remorse to make the offended party quickly forgive and forget.

If you are dating a woman who exhibit one of these lying habits, run. You will not change her, marriage will not change her, only the Lord will change her; and then only when she’s willing to acknowledge that she has a dishonesty problem.

If you are married to a woman who has a problem telling the truth, then seek help. If your security level is shattered for too long, you will begin to want out of your marriage. Take some necessary steps and ask yourself some questions about your own truth and trust level. Are you always truthful to your spouse? Is honesty a problem for both of you? Come to the cross. Remember, books, counselors, and therapists are not the answers for your marriage – God is.

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We have so many men say that women are so much more emotional about the event of life than they (men) are. Because of this, it is sometimes easier for a wife to keep our emotions hidden from her husband.

Satan is present to destroy the works of the lord in his people. He wants to keep you from communicating honestly with your wife. If you are dishonest you will be falling right into the evil one’s trap to rob, kill and destroy your marriage.

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Remember that it isn’t Honesty that drives distance into your marriage – it is dishonesty. Be willing to share the things in your past that have happened to you, even the things that you consider to be failures or areas of weakness. Also allow her to share her past (both good and bad) with you.

There is something special in sharing the future with the person you love. As you learn to reveal this intimacy with your wife and she with you, your marriage will go to a new level of trust that you never thought possible. Revealing your thoughts and plans, your hopes and dreams, and your goals and aspirations allows you and your wife to experience honesty.

Even the Lord himself shares his plans with you for the future, “for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11).

How willing are you for your wife to know everything that is happening in your life today? Are there things that you consider too minor for her to have to know? Are there things that you have decided she just doesn’t need to know?

Dear men of Valour, provide your spouse with a calendar of your activities, giving special emphasis on the things that affect your spouse. Find the time to discuss your day and give a chance for her to tell you about hers.

The most important component is honesty. To forget something is not the same thing as avoiding telling about something. If you learn to understand this, it will save you much grief and keep you from many arguments. The longer you are married the more you will realize this fact that: the fewer arguments you have the better your life will be.

How to Sustain your marriage with the Flame of TRUST. Drop your comments and questions below.

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