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How to succeed in 2019

This year, 2019, is a year you must decide to succeed. Forget the failure and mistakes of the past; match forward. Look, the year 2018 is gone forever; 2019 is now here in your future. You may have made mistakes in 2018, but do not repeat same in this 2019. What would you do differently this year to avoid the failures and mistakes of 2018? I am about to reveal the secret to you.

There are 4 secrets for succeeding in 2019:  

  1. understanding your purpose;
  2. taking the right actions on time;
  3. sustaining your focus with passion; and
  4. eliminating distraction.

In this article, we will talk about understanding your PURPOSE.  Myles Munroe once said that, ‘life without purpose is worse than death.’ It is like a vehicle without tryers. I have come to discover how true this statement is. In fact, without working on your purpose, life in 2019 will be fruitless and more frustrating, because you will be working on people’s purpose, not yours.

In this 2019, start by discovering your purpose. What do you want to become in 2019? It is the discovery of purpose that will charge you to plan ahead, take the right action, sustain focus and eliminate distractions. These surely will produce the meaningful results for you hope for in this 2019.

The question is, how do you discover your purpose? This is a really tough question. This is where many people get confused and are frustrated.

To help you through the process of discovering your purpose, we have put together 7 ways to discover your life purpose in an eBook. This eBook contains proven guides that will surely help you narrow down to your life purpose.  

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