How to overcome the Spirit of Seduction – Part 2

Overcoming the Spirit of Seduction – Part 2. Be a man of prayer and fire.

 Flies do not perch on hot food. They dare not! In part 1 of this series, you read how a woman who was paid by journalists to hide in the wardrobe in Arch Bishop Idahosa’s hotel, so as to destroy him with stain of adultery, was burnt to death. That is the fire of the man of prayer.

 This is another experience. Festus, a handsome looking guy had only spent 3years in his job as an accountant in a multinational company, when he got married. His wedding day was graced by many friends from his office. Shortly after his marriage and honey moon, he resumed work to the joyful reception of his office colleagues. Nothing looked out of place. A few days later, in the bastion of the welcome euphoria, a lady colleague approach Festus apologizing that she could not bring her gift to the wedding, so she came to present her gift to him in the office. Festus was very happy, as he accepted the gift. In the gift pack was a perfume which looked very exotic and attractive. Festus, without suspecting anything, went home with the gift and curiously used the perfume. The rest was story. Festus marriage only lasted for 12 months. He eventually moved out of his matrimonial home, and moved in with the lady who gave her perfume in the office. He was seduced and he fell.

 Alas! How I wished Festus was a true man of prayer, who could see the chain locked on his neck by the evil perfume he received.  

Dear Man of Valour, to overcome the spirit of seduction, you must be a man of prayer in this generation. Seduction is an evil spirit. Sometimes you see them in the dreams as dogs chasing after you. Sometimes they appear as a woman coming to have sex with you in the dream. You must understand what you are dealing with. Physically, abnormal attractions will start. When you are attracted to a woman who has no matrimonial covenant with you, know that the spirit of seduction has been released after. It is time fight in prayer and flee with your legs. This is even stronger for married men, and more delicate for singles.

Seductive spirit makes a woman desperate. When a woman is possessed by the spirit of seduction, her hearts is sold to the devil. Sexual immorality at any cost is her livelihood. Every part of her body, eyes, tongue and shape are unleashed for seduction. In the office, in the market and in the church, she hunting for the next man to kill.

Going after married men means nothing. Defiling young men is their happy mission. Breaking marriages and bringing sorrow to the heart of married couples is their lifetime passion.

When you show them your wedding ring, they tell you it does not matter. When you show them your wife and children picture, they would say, ‘it does not matter.’ All they want is another man down to out.

You must understand the mystery behind their appearance. Some of them are not humans, though they appear normal. They are released from the water, they transform into humans, carry out their mission and return. Their private part is python’s mouth. Nothing that enters it comes out alive.

You must understand who they are. They come in seductive, charming looks, winky eye lids, padded back and front, seductive voice, crying for attention until you get into them. Their mission is to swallow your glory for the devil. Once you sleep with them, it is sealed. The real you is swallowed. The empty you will be walking around hopelessly till it dies in shame.

To overcome this wicked spirit of a seductive woman, you must be a man of prayer, too hot to be handled, too dangerous to be swallowed. Matthew 26:41 says, pray that you enter not into temptation, the spirit is willing but the body is weak.

The flesh cannot overcome the spirit of a seductive woman. Money cannot overcome her. It is not a battle you fight with boasting how strong you are. It is not a battle you fight with education, PhD or Masters. Only by the spirit of God can you overcome her. Only with the consuming fire can you overthrow her and destroy her evil passion over you? These come through prayer.

A seductive woman cannot look into the eyes of a man of prayer and fire without getting burnt. A man who does not pray is like a plate of bone set before dogs. He is a food for the devil’s agents. The devil will devour him like vulture feeding on carcass.

If you want to overcome in this generation, you must carry the fire of prayer in your soul. You must send a clear warning the devil not to try you. Devil stay off my track, because I carry fire in me.

If Arch Bishop Idahosa was a prayerless man, the woman would have succeeded in destroying him. Being a man who carried the fire of prayer in his soul, the power of God released fire and burnt the lady in the wardrobe where she hid herself. Prayer resists the enemy. The bible said, resist the devil, he will flee from you. How do you resist the devil? It is through the prayer.

Unfortunately, many men are not praying. They rather spend time on many other things than pray. Some would watch football for four hours, but can’t spend 30mins to get hot in the spirit through prayer. Man of Valour, you need to start praying.

But how do you pray if you have not repented of your sin and surrendered to God? You Must repent of your sin. Confess your sins and forsake them completely. Accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Saviour. Make peace God. Learn to pray. Let your life be enveloped with prayer with fire. The enemy cannot stand you.



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