How to date a Christian

How to date a Christian Single

How to date a Christian Single…

Christian dating is not worldly dating. Following the basic principles of Christian dating preserves your life and soul. This is how to date a Christian single:

Look for spiritual growth not church attendance

Dating a Christian is not about if he/she goes to church or carry a bible. It is not about going to see a pastor or a prophet. It is not about inviting your partner to a praying meeting.

Going to a prayer meeting does not make one Christian. There are many unbelievers who hide in the church in search of husband or wife. The day they find one, their true nature will be revealed.

In Christian dating, instead of looking for church attendance, look for true spiritual growth and maturity.

A young believer who is genuinely repented is better than a hypocrite who has been in the church for ages.

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Hear the testimony from others

Dating a Christian is about knowing the true life of the person, testified to by people who have known him/her over a period of time.

It is about removing the veil of hypocrisy to know the true person you are getting married to. Let the pastor, church members, business colleagues, and other associates testify the Christ in him/her.

Prove his/her Christian beliefs

Understanding the Christian belief of the other person is critical. Christian background may be different, but that is not the issue. Being a Catholic and dating a Pentecostal is not the issue. The issue is love for God and righteousness.

A Christian who believes that committing fornication, adultery, fighting, lying, cheating, going to night clubs, smoking and drinking and worshipping idols is right and not a sin is not a Christian in character. This is the issue. If you are dating such a person, you are dating an unbeliever not a Christian.

Even if he/she goes to church on Sunday, but still have loves for sin, he/she will disappoint you. Even after marriage,  he will keep cheating. It will be too late.

A true Christian will hate sin, because God hates sin. It does not mean that he/she is perfect, but the pursuit of righteousness is in his character. If the spirit of God is in him/her, evil will not rule.

By their fruits you shall know them. A brother or a sister requesting for sex before marriage is not a Christian. Flee from such people.

Sex before marriage is not love; it is fornication. Christian dating is built on purity not immorality.

This is why profile assessment from the Online Christian dating platform like the Men of Valour Christian dating platform becomes very relevant. Register to see the profile of thousands of Christians, who march your beliefs.

Check for anger and self control

The control of anger and provocation is a strong Christian virtue. What a man does when he is provoked to anger is a strong indicator of the spirit that rules him/her.

The spirit of patience and long suffering is a spirit from God. It will endure provocation and bring anger to control. On the other hand, a man without the spirit of God in him will break and fight just over a fly.

During the dating period, find a way to provoke your partner to anger and watch his/her reaction. Do not marry a man/woman you have not provoked to anger. It is anger that reveals the true person.

How to date a Christian Single. … Drop your comments. Register and join the largest online Christian dating community, ‘Men of Valour, Christian Dating’ 

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