Man guiding his child

How men become fathers

How men become fathers is really interesting. Simple but not so simple. Actually it is deep and a bit complicated. Think of it! What makes a man a father?

Being a father is not just about giving birth to Children. No! It is more than that. A father is one who sustains whatever comes out of him. So having a child does not make a man a father. It is the sustenance of that child that makes the man a father.

Let’s go deeper! One primary responsibility of a father towards sustaining his family, including his wife and children, is equipping them with knowledge, wisdom and vision that will anchor their lives in the storms of the world. This comes through devoted relationship teaching.

This responsibility is more important than having children. It is Irresponsibility for a man to marry a woman and have children, without having anything to teach them or devouting time to teach them.

Do you know that children grow up having strong bonds and respect for anyone who taught them what they know, especially if those things has helped become who they are. Women develop strong respect for men who devout time to guide them through greater level of knowledge and answer their questions. This is how men become fathers.  A man without a biological son can become a father to many, simply because knowledge flows from him.

Look at creation!

When God created Adam, He gave him instructions of how to govern the earth. God instructed Adam to be fruitful and multiply. God also instructed Adam not to eat fruit from the tree at the center of the garden of Eden. In the time of giving these instructions, the woman, Eve has not been created.

When God created Eve, He did not repeat those instructions to her. It was Adam who thought Eve everything God instructed them to do starting from Eden. Adam did his part. When Satan came tempting Eve, she quoted exactly what God had told Adam. This shows us that Adam taught Eve everything God instructed him about the earth and Eden.

As a man, you are the first pastor and priest of you home. Before the pastor in the church, you are the pastor in the home. You are God’s representative in that family. Your first duty is to teach your home the will and word of God.

What to teach and talk about…

Take a topic and explain the basic truth about it to the family. You may not know everything, but you certainly know a lot to share from your wealth of experience in life. Topics like showing love and respect for one another, being honest and truthful, having courage, resilience, focus and discipline will make a good family learning topic.

Teach your family to know deep and secret things about life in the fear of God.

Teach them to worship.

Teach your wife and children to pray.

Teach them to live a good life and show respect.

Teach them to live in peace,

Teach them to be humble.

Teach them to work hard and be responsible.

Teach them how to create wealth and prosper.

Teach them how to forgive those who offend them.

Teach them how to be wise in a wicked world.

The list is endless…

The great reward

When God was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he said, ‘how can I hid this thing I am about to do from Abraham, knowing that he will surely be great and that he will teach his children the ways of the Lord’. This is mind blowing.

A man who teaches his children the ways of the Lord receives the instruction about the secret plans of God. He becomes God’s friend. What a reward?

Make out time and teach your family. Be the priest in the home. Before you go to church, let them hear from you, God’s plan and purpose for them. It is good. Before your wife starts running from pastor to pastor, be her pastor.

Consequence of negligence…

So many men have laboured in vain because they failed to devote time to teaching their children. Many men leave home early and come back late in search of money and food for their Families. They have no time to spend with their children and Wife. No time to teach them God’s will and His purpose the family. No time to transfer the vision of the family to their subconscious mind. Everything the children know they learnt from outsiders, friends and social media. As a result the children do not connect with the life and passion of their father. The man will eventually fail to reap the fruit of his labour. The children grow up to become wasteful and irresponsible despite all the money and feeding. This should never be your portion. Everything is not about MONEY and food. There is more. The voice of the father’s righteous counsel. Put it on the table.

The charge for the Man of Valour…

From today, make out time, call your wife and children together early in the morning and teach them what God has put in the inside of you. Saturday morning is a good time to bring everyone together. Dinner time is also another good time. Spend some time on your own study and pray and seek God’s mind concerning your home. As you hear from God, so teach them. Pour yourself like a wine out into those children. Let your voice of counsel ring in the heart of your wife and children.

Teach them, keep teaching them, until they reflect the vision you have for your family.

Your family will turn out well. Your children will turn out well. Your wife will be a fountain of joy all around.

Be a Man of Valour

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