Faithfulness in Marriage


Faithfulness in Marriage: A Faithful husband is a Blessing from God.

Faithfulness in marriage comes when you have a relationship that is truly blessed and a marriage that is consecrated and only. There is never a doubt of loyalty in that atmosphere. So, your wife will be worthy of being believed in word and deed. She will be steadfast in the covenant she has made with you. You will never have a need for suspicion or mistrust in an atmosphere of a faithful husband.

These are not statements for rebellious men – like some could be – who has no intention of changing. Submission to God’s word is required for you to enjoy the blessings that you say you want because your degree of Faithfulness and loving submission will influence the Faithfulness of your wife. That’s the hallmark of a Godly Marriage.

However, are you Faithful To Remember the very simple things that you will want your wife to be faithful to?  Do you remember birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones in your relationship? or Do you follow through with the commitment to do what you have agreed to do? So, Keeping Faithfulness in Marriage encompasses all of these and more.

Furthermore, take a serious look at how you act and how much your mind is subjected to the Holy Spirit. For instance, Do you have thoughts about other women? How many times have you told half-truth to justify something to your wife? Are you the husband that can be faithful to administer comfort and nurture your wife in times of need? What is your understanding of ‘A Godly Marriage’? So, Can Faithfulness in Marriage be operational in your home?

In Conclusion, the hope for all things is in prayer alone. Learn to pray for your wife. Speak love and encouragement. Become the Man God intend you to be. Therefore, Pray and prepare yourself for Faithfulness in Marriage. In addition, God has given the capacity – by His Grace – to become extraordinary and to live a life of self-control and discipline. So today, the Lord will breathe into homes for Godly Marriage. Amen!

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