Christian dating - Meet the right person

Christian dating – How to know you meet the right person

Christian dating – How to know you meet the right person

Among all the numerous indicators and signs that you may have during a Christian dating period, there is only one thing that will surely confirm to you that you have meet the right person.

Beyond all the fantasy, the treats and splashes, there is only one thing that must be present as a sign that you have meet the right person for your future life. That thing is ‘inner peace’.

Search for your inner peace

When you meet the right person, your soul mate, there will be a flow of inner peace that brings joy and kills all fear of any previous disappointment. 

Christian dating open door to meet that right person that will produce the flow  of inner peace in you, not fear or depression. Meet Christian single Online.

I remember when I first meet my wife, it was like I just received a good news. Peace touched my bones. It has not changed till date. Even when there seems to be crises, this peace comes over me and things just fall back into place. 

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No inner peace, No dating

The lack of inner peace is a sign that all is not well with your dating relationship. You may be dating the wrong person. When there is a shadow or cloud of fear, insecurity or danger, even though you cannot see it, then it is a time to pulse and dig deeper for understanding.

The spirit of God gives peace that passes all understanding. The absence of peace is the absence of the spirit of God. The presence of peace is the presence of the spirit of God. Without the spirit of God, all effort will not bear fruit. 

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Take action

If you cannot get inner peace while dating, you cannot get it after marriage. Take action! Do not wait all your life trying to find peace where there is non. There are things you can do.

Firstly, you can seek spiritual counselling and prayers from good spiritual leader. Men of Valour has a team of spirit filled counsellors who will guide in confidence. Click here to send in your counselling request.

Secondly, you can seek God’s revelation and spiritual insights to understand if you are on the right path.

Thirdly, confront your fears. identify what exactly you are afraid of and discuss it with your partner. The Christian dating experience gives you courage to confront your fears.


When you have inner peace while dating, it is a sign that you are on the right direction. If you don’t get inner peace in a Christian dating relationship, then do not proceed.

Christian dating – How to know you meet the right person…

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