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Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 3

Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 3. As we continue in our discussion on Building Character for a Glorious Manhood today we will be looking at Part 3. Dimension for building Character: The Womb of Character.


The Mystery

Let me start by telling you the story of a young man got admission into the university to study medicine. Two months after resumption, he found a girl friend who was a final year Linguistics student.
Because of her, he started spending his time in the linguistics class and for a whole semester, he barely attended any of his own classes. Everyone thought he was a linguistic student. You can guess the outcome. The girl graduated a year later, but he was sent out of the medical school; he barely could pass any course.
One would ask, what happened to the young man? You can only understand it by the revelation of the mystery between character and purpose.

Purpose is the womb of character. So purpose gives birth to character.

When character grows out of the womb of purpose it becomes a bastard.

Show me your character, and I will show you your purpose.

Purpose is a destination; character is the journey.

When a man has a clear purpose in life, he is guided in all things by the compass of that purpose.
How he behaves, what he says, how truthful and honest he becomes, who he associates with, where he goes and even what he eats and what he looks at is guided by his purpose.
Psalm 101:3 says, ”I will set nothing wicked before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not cling to me.”

Character is revealed by Purpose

Remember Nelson Mandela, an icon of character in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. This man who spent 27 years in prison, refusing to leave the prison until his purpose of liberation for his people is achieved is character walking on two legs. His character was born because of his purpose.
You have read John 3:16, which says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
This is one of the deepest scripture that ties purpose to character.
God’s purpose was to save mankind from eternal destruction. To achieve redemption, God revealed his eternal character, which is love. For God so loved…
God’s character to love us, even the sinner, is in his womb of His purpose to save us from death.
Without the purpose to save, there will be no character to love.
No matter how difficult your purpose is, there is a character in you that will fulfill it.
The reason why many people have no character, is because they have no purpose, no direction and no destination in mind.
The most dangerous people to associate with or trust are people who have nothing to live for; people without purpose. They lack character. You trust them now and cry later.
Psalm 141:4 says, “Do not incline my heart to any evil thing, To practice wicked works With men who work iniquity; And do not let me eat of their delicacies”

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What Abraham did

When Sarah died, Abraham was given a free tomb to bury her, but he rejected it. He choose to buy the land with his money. Why? He had a purpose of building and leaving inheritance for his children (Genesis 23:1-13). It is in that same land, that Isaac buried Rebekah. This is character of paying a price for whatever is due, not stealing or coveting, because of purpose.
This is the character of men with a purpose. Men with purpose build character to perverse their purpose. They take decisions based on where they are going. They pay the price, even though it is costly today.

Lions do not eat grass

Let’s look at the life of Lions. No matter how difficult things may become, Lions don’t eat grass?
If you want to be a lion in Character, you must be a lion in purpose. Lions are indomitable; king of the jungle. Their purpose is to rule. They think leadership and dominion. They rule over anything that has blood in it. Their purpose drives their character of avoiding eating rubbish, grass and weed.
Lions feed on blood and flesh. They fiercely attack anything that has blood in it, no matter the size of the animal. That is what creates the fear of lion in the heart of every other animal.
Just like the lion do not eat grass, a man that wants to rule and become a champion and a man of valour, cannot be smoking weed and grass. Weed and grass is meant for lower animals, not for Men of Valour.
A Man of Valour must feed on hard truth of the blood and flesh, which is the word of God; Christ Jesus. That is his real food.

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The Man of Valour Choice

A man that wants to build a prosperous business but lives with a lying tongue in his mouth, is going no where.
Purpose is the womb of character. A man who wants to raise a God fearing home, but spends time with thieves and robbers is deceiving himself. His character does not reflect his purpose. You don’t play football in the swimming pool.
A man who wants to build a family with good moral value and respect would rather be mindful of his character in out of his home.
Such a man will be truthful and faithful towards his wife and children. Such a man would not defile his daughters, or think of sleeping with the house maid. He would not yield to temptation of unfaithfulness in his marriage.
Man of Valour, purpose is the mother of character.

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My Mother’s Fate with Character

I can remember growing up and my mother would tell me, that her primary purpose in life is to ensure that myself and my siblings go to school.
She took her purpose from the life changing moment that preceded my Father’s death.
According to her, when my dad was about die, in the nature of his sudden death, he could not speak, but requested a pen and paper. Then he wrote school, school, before he breath his last. The message was clear, ‘let them go to school.’ Everything my mother did afterwards was guided by this purpose.
Her character, her discipline, her prayer, her perseverance, her love and care all centered on that purpose.
What is your character based on? Is it based on Purpose or just anything goes?
Man of valour, begin to build your character. It starts with purpose. Start today. Discover your purpose and let it give birth to your character.
Drop your comments, questions and thoughts.
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Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 3

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