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Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 2

Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 2

As we continue in our discussion this month on  Building Character for a Glorious Manhood, today we will be looking at

The wealth of Character

…But we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, *character; and character,*  hope. Now hope does not disappoint… *Romans 5:3-5*

Let me start by telling you this story about a young man who worked in a company and did very well. He was an intelligent young man; a high performer. Everybody loved him.

The company directors were proud of him and secretly agreed to promote him two steps to a deputy director position.

During the end of the year event, the company organized a dinner party in which a particular type of *fish* in the menu was provided to the exact number of staff invited to the event.

Each person was supposed to take just one piece of the fish, to ensure that everyone gets at least one. While people queued up to take their food from the dinner buffet table, this young man quietly took two of the fish, but hid one under the rice and vegetables in his plate.

Unfortunately, one of the directors was standing just behind him, and saw exactly what he did. He was shocked but didn’t say a word. It was a pain for the company directors, but they could not keep him. He was never promoted. He got sacked a few months later not knowing why.

Proverbs 25:19 says, *‘Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.*

The young man, brilliant, intelligent, very close to wealth but he has no character. He lost it.

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Dear Man of Valour

Intelligence is not character. Being smart is not character. Being hard working is not character.

You can be very smart and intelligent, yet without character you are going no where. It is like a bird without wings. Intelligence without character is a wasted virtue. It is like fire without heat. When fire cannot produce heat, the character of the fire is missing. The fire is useless.

There are many intelligent and smart young men today without character. They often see themselves as invincible and that whatever they do would be accepted because of their intelligence. Unfortunately, they are wrong. For this reason, many men die with their intelligence achieving nothing and becoming nothing.

Man of Valour, you cannot be one of them.


Character is an universal wealth

Every nation has a currency, but character is the universal currency in the world. It is older than man. In fact, the most expensive currency any man can possess is not dollars, not Euro or British Pounds Sterling, it is his character.

The value system of the entire world is developed around character. For example, gold is the most precious metal stone on earth.
Is it because of its colour, or because it is called gold? No! It is because of its character.

Gold does not change with time. Morning and night, summer or winter, gold is gold. Gold does not rust or rot. It does not change colour. It is that character that people are are buying, not the name.

If you call Gold ‘Gaga’ people will still buy it for that same reason. This is the simple reason why gold is the most expensive metal on earth, scarce and in high demand. Nations store their wealth in the character of gold.

The rich preserve their worth in the character of gold. The demand for the men of character is the same as the demand for gold. As it is with gold, so it with a man of character. He is the precious and priceless desire of everyone.

Man of Valour, you have to be that man.

Of what value is a man without character? How much wealth can he attract? Show me a man of Character and I will pay him his worth. Character is wealth; it  will find you out.

One of my Senior Pastors once shared with me the story of a man who was a road side auto mechanic. This man repairs his personal car. In many instances, the man would return the balance from the cost of the spare parts purchased for the repairs. This is very unusual.

Most road side mechanics would quote double of the cost of the parts and call it ‘their own cuts’ and still collect workmanship, but this man did the opposite. This man is poor, but he built this character that he will not cheat his customers on the cost of spare parts for their car repairs.

Some years later, a friend to my Pastor who worked in one of the mainstream banks as the operations manager requested if he knew any reliable auto mechanic engineer, who the bank could contract the general fleet maintenance to. The only one the Pastor could remember was this man who returned his balance after each repair, so he recommended him.

Immediately, the road side auto mechanic became a sole contractor holder for repairing all the cars in that bank. His character has opened his wealth. He went on to become a very rich man.

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Character is wealth; you can build it.

Man of Valour, build you character. Start now. You might be working, self-employed, unemployed, or a student; character is the universal currency to unlock your wealth. Start now.

To build your character there are eight critical elements of life dimensions you must put together:

1.       Spirit control: You must have control over your spirit. Proverbs 25:28 says, ‘whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.

2.       Purpose: You must base your thoughts and actions on your life purpose. Purpose controls character.

3.       Respect Time: You must be disciplined with time.

4.       Proclaim Truth: You must be truthful about issues of life dealings.

5.       Consistency: You must be consistent with your words.

6.       Orderliness: Create a rhythm of order around your life.

7.       Value: Give value for things according to their purpose

8.       Boundary: Create boundary of what can influence you.

In our next series, we will be looking at these 8 dimensions of building Character in deeper details…

Drop your comments, thoughts and questions.

Building Character for a Glorious Manhood – Part 2

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