Becoming the Man with a winning Goal

Becoming the man with a winning Goal – Part 3

Winning Goal

Becoming the Man with a Winning Goal
So as we continue in this months discussion on Becoming the Man with a Winning Goal today we will be looking at Overcoming Hindrances to Goal Setting and Purpose.

Goal setting is a man’s sure compass for driving his purpose. Like a ship in the middle of the ocean without a compass, so is a man without a goal. As this month of January is winding up, so many men still do not have their goals set for this year. They are waiting until September to start running from pillar to post. Unfortunately, nobody can blame them because the enemies of goal setting are stubborn. 

However, there are three things (enemies) that hinder men from setting and achieving your winning goal:
1.      Past achievements
2.      Ignorance
3.      Procrastination

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Past Achievement

In this discussion, we will focus on the number one (1) hindrance, which is the Hindrance of Past Achievement.
A man’s past achievement is his number one enemy to his goal setting and chances of success for the future. 
Like a cotton wool placed on the eyes, it stops a man from seeing his path. 
Like the spirit of alcohol, a man’s past achievements could lure him away into the bush path, forgetting the way to his house.  

Case Study: Hezekiah

The Error of King Hezekiah:
Remember King Hezekiah (Isaiah 38), the King of Israel, who was sick to the point of death. After many days without recovery, God sent Prophet Isaiah to inform him to prepare his house because the time of death was near.

After receiving this death sentence, King Hezekiah did something remarkable, which I think not many men on earth has been able to do after him. 
He prayed the ‘face the wall’ prayer, provoking God to reverse his death sentence and extend his life by 15years.
After God reversed King Hezekiah’s death sentence, he was filled with so much joy and celebration that he did something very regrettable.  The Babylonians, the enemies of Israel at that time, came to celebrate his recovery. Out of excitement, Hezekiah opened all the treasure house of Israel, showed them the silver and gold store house of Israel, where they are stored and how they are secured. 


The Babylonians, having seen the store house of Israel’s wealth, would later launch attack on Israel. They looted Israel’s every gold and silver, destroyed everything they could lay hands on and took the descendants of King Hezekiah captive, with some of them castrated and turned to Eunuch in Babylon (2 Kings 24:13-16). 

What looked like a testimony for Hezekiah turned into a devastating curse for his nation. The enemy of his future and his throne is the miracle of his healing.  

So many men forget their goals and purpose once they have achieved a small victory. 

Like a monkey that found one Banana on his way and forgot the banana plantation he was going to, they switch into celebration mode for planting a tree and forgetting the forest they are meant to own. 

Because you bought one car, you start celebrating with alcohol and smoking, driving like a lose canon in the community. 

Because you were promoted to a supervisor  or manager position, you have relaxed in celebration.
Your achievement has become your enemy. You need to wise up, rise up. Moreso, There is more to your life than your yesterday. 

When little achievement satisfies a man for his purpose, then the man has forgets where he is going.
Because a man like David is probably one in a million that knows how to place past achievements where they belong. They belong to the past. 

Case Study: David

The Wisdom of David:
When David killed Goliath, the women of Israel sang a very provoking song, “Saul killed a thousand, David killed ten thousand”, they sang.  Can you imagine how provoking this would sound to a sitting King. This unfortunately is the song that unleash the anger of King Saul against David.

In addition, Beware of praise singers; because they are the number one enemy to your future winning goal. They will create new enemies for you and pump you full with the acid of early satisfaction.

David knew that killing Goliath was not his destination goal in life. He knew that His purpose was in the throne of Israel. So David ran away from the praise singers and from Saul and hid in the mountain and caves until King Saul died. If David where the young men of today, killing Goliath will be end of achievements in their life.

Therefore, your past achievements are past glories. 
Today’s victory is yesterday’s story. 
Your first class certificate, your promotion, your new business, your new house, the miracles you performed or received are all in the past. 

Pursue the next goal because There are greater things ahead of you now. 

Rise up and wise up and start waring towards them.

Be like David because the Goliath you killed yesterday is not your ultimate purpose. It is the door not the throne. 

Get up and fight your way to the throne. Set your Goals.

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Finally, Drop your comments, questions and contributions. Let’s discuss

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