Becoming the Man with a winning Goal

Becoming the Man with a winning Goal – Part 2

Becoming the Man with a winning Goal – Part 2 

Dimensions for Goal Setting…

There are four(4) dimensions for goal setting.

Dimension of time

Purpose is fulfilled within a life time.
Goal is fulfilled within a Season.
Task is fulfilled within a given time.

A task provides immediate activity that keeps you moving in the direction of your goal. A goal provides strong excitement to keep you working a purpose. A purpose provides you strong motivation to live on through life.

Download the Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet to see the examples of the goals setting and how you can make your goals work this year. 

So many have made the mistakes of replacing their purpose with their goal and substituting their goals with their task. This is a costly mistake. The consequences of this error often lead men to the wilderness of frustration and what I call ‘HALF LIFE’. This is why you must follow this discussion this month very closely.

Never replace your purpose with your goal or replace your goal with your task as many have already done.

The moment you replace your purpose with your goal, you have replaced your entire life with one season of your life. It is like someone who quit school because he failed a course. Passing a course is a task not a goal, just like obtaining a degree is a goal not a purpose. This misunderstanding is why some commit suicides because a goal they set out to achieve in a season failed. So, they subconsciously think that their seasonal goal is their life time purpose. No, it is not.

You can fail to achieve one goal but still fulfill your purpose. That you failed to achieve the goals you set in 2019, does not mean that you have failed in your life purpose. 

This new year presents the opportunity for your rise and set bigger goals and pursue them. Download the Goal setting guide and worksheet to will help you  set bigger and achievable goals for the new year. 

Dimension of hierarchy and order.

Purpose sets goals, and a goal sets a tasks, not the other way. For every man, understanding this order and applying it in your life is very critical.

So, the right order is:

Purpose is set before a goal can have meaning. A goal that is set without a purpose creates frustration, because the motivation that fuels your goal as a man is your purpose.

If you reverse it, you will get:
TASK —-> GOAL —-> PURPOSE. This reversed order is a wrong order. It means that the man lives his life doing task, which other people has set for him.

Never live your life at the task level only. Men who are at the level of doing tasks are mainly labourers. These people have spent most of their lives not setting goals or failing to achieve their goals. They only execute task for other people to achieve their goals. You see them everywhere, working very hard and earning very little, because they live in a reverse order.

Dimension of ownership

Now, your purpose is not set by you. He who created you, God almighty, set your purpose. However, your goal must be set by you not your God. If you fail to set a goal, God will not set one for you. He would watch until you expire. A simple analogy is what happens between companies and their employers. When you work for a company, you only set goals and define the tasks, but you do not set the purpose of the company. The purpose of the company is set before you are employed by the directors. We will discuss these in detail in later teaching.

Dimension of legacy and reward.

Only you remember the task your accomplished and what you went through. The sleepless night and the pain. So a goal is a personal thing, not the public business. Fail or win, it is you. Nobody is to blame.

Only you will remember the goals you achieved and what it meant for you.

People and the public remember you for the purpose you lived for. So don’t use you goals to impress people, use your purpose. This is why I see post a picture of graduation certificate, I just wish they understand the dimension of the achievement they have. The public will not remember that you graduated, they will only remember what your entire life represents to them; that is your purpose.

Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet.