Becoming the Man with a winning Goal

Becoming the Man with a Winning Goal-Part 1

Becoming the Man with a Winning Goal

As we commence our discussions this month on 🔥Becoming the Man with a Winning goal, today we will be looking at The Dimensions of Goal Setting

I remember as a little boy in primary school, when playing ‘monkey post’ football was one of my favourite sporting moments.

If you know what monkey post football is raise up your hand. I will explain.

Monkey post football is very interesting because the rules can change at anytime. Often times, the goal post is set by placing two stones apart with measurement counted by footsteps.

The problem with sort of goal post is that a team can secretly move the stones to reduce the width of their goal post without anyone knowing. This is done for the convenience of reducing the chances of being scored and losing the game.

Reflecting on this topic, I realise that those who reduced their goal post width end up playing badly because the demand for skill and performance on them has been substituted by reducing their goal post.

In reality, in one way or the other, knowing or unknowingly, we all have set goals in the past. The problem is that many people, like the monkey post players, keep moving their goals in the middle of the game for convenience and by so doing achieved nothing. A moving goal is a hopeless goal.

Download the Goal Setting Guide and worksheet to for practical examples of how to set big goals in the new year and achieve it.

When you come to terms with the reality of the blessing of a new year and the turn of a new decade, you should start with strong focus on understanding how and what it takes to Become a man with a winning goal.

To begin, there are three questions you would answer:

  1. Will you be hungry to succeed as a man?
  2. Can you be angry at the Word ‘Failure’?
  3. How resolute are you to prove your enemies wrong?
  4. Are you ready to take action?

Becoming a Man with a winning a goal must be the first burning desire in your heart. It is not negotiable. It is a command. It is a must do, but it starts with something, which is understanding.

Achieving a goal dose not just happen. 🏃‍♂️There are critical foundations and processes that must be laid before a goal can be set and achieved. First is the pure understanding of what a goal is and what it is not. Understanding its meaning and dimensions.

💥The word ‘Goal’ has its root in the Greek word ‘Scopos‘, which means “a watcher”, “a mark on which to fix the eye”. The revised unabridged version of the Webster dictionary defines goal as the final purpose or aim; the end to which a design tends, or which a person aims to reach or attain.

I have seen so many men set and achieve one goal and that was the last time they achieved anything. They buy a car and that is it. They get a degree and that is the last certificate they ever achieved. There are so many men with stagnated progress, half success and unfulfilled calling. Why? The reason is what I am about to tell you.

💥There is a gulf of difference between Purpose, Goals and Tasks. Simply stated, Purpose is different from a Goal and different from a Task. The understanding of this is your beginning to setting winning goals.

Philippians 3:14 says, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. You can summarise this scripture to read like this, I PERFORM my TASK towards the GOAL for the PURPOSE. Now you begin to see the differentiation.

Purpose is a long term and a life time reason why you as a man was sent to this earth. Note the phrase, Life Time. Evangelist Reinhard Bonke of blessed memory who died on 7 Dec. 2019 said long before he died, “When I die, write on my tomb, THIS MAN PREACHED JESUS.” That was his life purpose. This is the single thing he will be remembered for generations to come.

A goal is a target opportunity and objective that are identified and pursued within a Season towards the fulfillment of a Purpose. Note the word Season.

Tasks are the basic activities that are pursued within a given time frame towards the fulfillment of a goal. Note the word time.

I want you to begin to reflect on the meaning of the goals you have set this year. Do they fall into the right the right dimension.

You can get the Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book

… To be continued Part 2

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