Man leaving his wife

9 Ways to stop a Man from leaving home

 9 Ways to stop a MAN from leaving home

Lack of fatherhood breeds poverty. Research shows that more than 50% of men in the US prison are from homes without fathers. More than 51% of children globally live without their biological fathers. Why are so many men abandoning their families? When the man walks away from his home, the woman is left to pickup the pieces. Life is never the same. Hear are 9 effective ways to stop a man from leaving home…


Understand and support his purpose

Happy familyFulfilling purpose is the primary essence of a man’s life. It is the pursuit and fulfilment of life purpose that keeps a man going despite the challenges, because purpose bring commitment and courage. This is why the first thing a man must find before getting married is his purpose. A man who has not found his purpose in life should not consider marriage as a priority.

As a woman, do you understand the life purpose of your husband? Do you have a role to play in fulfilling that purpose? Are you playing that role in unity with your husband? If the answer to these questions is ‘NO’, then have a work to do.

Firstly, ask your husband, ‘what is your purpose in life?’ Secondly, ask him, ‘how can I help you fulfil this purpose?’ You may not get an immediate answer, but be patient, the answer will come.

Every man wants to have a wife who can help him build his purpose. A man will naturally walk away from individuals who do not contribute to his fulfilling purpose. At a point, it would not matter if the individual is a wife or not.

Most men leave home in search of their purpose or in search of a help mate to fulfil their purpose. When a man senses that his wife has become a threat to fulfilling his purpose, he will start keeping a distance. When a man believes that he has not made progress in fulfilling his purpose while in a marriage, he starts fighting and internal battle in his heart. Eventually he will leave home. This is the reason why some men become violent towards their wife, thinking that the woman is the reason why they are not fulfilling purpose. Some men openly blame their wives for their failures. The reason is that for a man, purpose is life. It is better to be a dead man, than to be a man not fulfilling purpose.

Every woman must first understand the life purpose of her husband. This is very important! Secondly, identify the part she can play to fulfil it. When a man and his wife are in unity of purpose, living together and tolerating each other becomes easier, because there is a purpose and a hope ahead.

When a woman loses touch with his husband’s purpose, he is 50% down the road of losing him. If you want to keep your husband at rest, then step into his purpose. Become part of that purpose. Make him know that you have an important role to play in his life’s purpose and that you are ready and able to perform that role.

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Do not threaten his life

WOman killing manA man will leave home when he feels that there is a real threat to his life, connected to the interests of his wife or other external forces. Such real threats include, poisoning and other physical harm. Also, when no longer trusts his wife and cannot guarantee his safety in the house, he would naturally move away.

For some men, when they feel unsafe, they will start coming home late at midnight when everyone is asleep. They would quietly sneak into their room, lock the door and depart very early in the morning. This is because the man fears being hurt. Some men have been murdered in their sleep by the wives. There are many stories like this.

No man should be threatened in his own home. As a woman, never threaten your husband, no matter the issue. Never strike the wall or project a revenge. Men take such things seriously, even if you do not mean it. Always give the man a sense of security in the home. Let him know that with you as his wife, the home is a refuge for him. He will never leave.

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Give him peace

Happy Man with wifeWhen a man feels engulfed with so much quarrel and nagging in the house, he would quietly choose to stay away. After the day’s work, a man needs a peaceful place to lay down his head. If he cannot get that peace at home, he will find another suitable place to get it. Men leave home when peace and quietness is dead. Instead of fighting and breaking stuff, the man will rather chose to step aside. The trouble is that they may never come back. This is why most nagging women often lose their husband. Nagging scares men and causes them serious emotional stress. No man wants come home to a shouting match. He may take it for a while, but not for long.

A peaceful home is priceless. Every couple must develop the art of maintaining peace in their home. For the woman, this is a huge responsibility if she wants her husband to always come home. Developing this art is simple, if only the woman willing to learn. A very smart advice, which has worked for many is this, before you respond to a provoking question, count 10 in your heart, think while counting.

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Reduce and manage financial burden and responsibility

Man having financial problemWhen the family’s financial burden and responsibility grows to a point beyond the man’s limit, some men will naturally escape from the scene. Nothing breaks a man like not being able to provide for his family. It is like the world has come to an end.

Although it is the financial responsibility of the man to provide for his home, there is always limitations around available resources. There is no infinite source anywhere. Therefore, every man must plan his income properly. There is need to have to a financial budget for the family. Early strategic investment is also key. As a woman, do not make financial demands that will push your husband out of the house. Do not make statements that disparage the man’s ability to provide. Do not say things, ‘If you are a man, go and buy it for me.’ Do not compare your husband with other men. It only pushes him out of the door, because he begins to feel that he is not good enough. Wealth is temporary. If the does not have today, he will have tomorrow. Encourage him to be a committed hardworking man, who is everyday making progress. Only a greedy woman will not take this seriously.


Give him loads of respect

Wife bow at husbands feetThe most important thing a man need from his wife is respect. Men have ego. The ego fuels  the natural demand for respect. That is the way it is. There is nothing anyone can do to change it. Physically, the man may be hungry and poor, but Inside, he feels like a king. As a woman, treat your husband like a king. Call him kingly names. Call him my Lord. Give him a chieftaincy name in the house. Carry his clothes like that of a king. Present his food like that of king. Appear before him as though a king is in the house. Give him a special seat in the house. No one sits on the seat. Give him a special plate, cup and spoon. No one eats with those. Make his bed. Prepare his dinning. Just treat him like a king. When a man is treated like a king, the man in him is unleashed to succeed. At the end, the woman will benefit.

A woman who does not treat her husband with respect, like a king will eventually lose him. The day man finds a place he is respected and treated with kingly honour, he will consider his options.

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Flee from unfaithfulness

No man wants to entertain the idea of living with an unfaithful woman. There cannot be two captains in one boat. If a woman decides to becomes unfaithful in her marriage, she chooses to push the man out of the house. The same goes for the man. When a man starts cheating, he will eventually leave home in search of his new lover. Unfaithfulness is the fastest way to destroy a family. No family can survive immorality. It is impossible. As a man, flee from immorality, if you ever want to stay with your family.


Present his children before him

Man with his childrenThe joy of children surrounding their father in a home is stronger than any force. The memory of it is more precious than ruby. A man’s children should flock around him, in a lovely form that the man will always desire to come home to that same experience. There are some women who see their children as a private asset, preventing the man from having a lovely time with his children. Everyman has equal access to his children as the woman.

In some families, things are different. The children flee at the sight of their father. When the man comes home, the children disappear into their rooms. Sometimes because they are afraid of him, or because the woman has poisoned the heart of the children towards their father.  When this happens, the man feels unwelcomed into the family. He feels rejected and abandoned. Eventually, the man will leave home. Let the man be surrounded by his children and the memory of his home will always be a hidden treasure.

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Give him good food

Man eating foodThe way to a man’s heart is good food. Men love good food to a fault. A woman who prepares good food for her husband always have won 50% of the battle of keeping the man from leaving home. Good food is also about that special taste that no other woman can provide. Special spices can do this trick.  To keep a man from leaving home, give him good food. Feed him well to a point where no food outside the house is good enough. He will always be looking home, no matter the trouble at home.

Good food can make a man forgive offences. It can make a man make promises, shift ground and accept to do something different. A woman who cannot prepare good food should either hire someone to teach her or get hire a cook. So many men have been drawn into the den of strange women simply because the woman can prepare food with good taste. This is why some mothers-in-law are still cooking for their sons, years after marriage.


Give him good sex

romantic couple having funYes, sex is the intimacy that keep marriage and family inseparable. The institution of marriage is created for sexual satisfaction. Sex between a man and his wife should not be stressful, based on time table, negotiated or purchased at a ransom. Unfortunately, some women have decided to remove sex from their home and expect the man to stay. They have time table for sex. They make demands that for the man to meet before sex. She will put on jean trousers and fight to get a reward before the man can touch her. Yet, she wants the man to stay at home. No, the man will not stay. He will find it outside, if he does not have the fear of God in him. As a woman, give your wife good sex, when he needs, and how he needs it. There is nothing wrong with it. Do not starve your husband of sex. He will not last in the house. Keep him thinking of coming home to make love to you. It is you who wins.


 8 Ways to stop a MAN from leaving home… Drop your comment, feedback and questions.

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