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7 Ways to Discover your Life Purpose

7 ways to discover your life purpose-

Purpose defines the essence and direction for a man’s life. A man without purpose is like a car without steering. He lacks direction and destination.  Unfortunately, so many men have not discovered their purpose. They walk through life experimenting and suddenly, time flies away, and old age comes. This should not be your portion. You can discover your life purpose today and begin to fulfill it.

Here are the 7 ways you can discover your life purpose.

Whatever makes you lose your peace

A man’s purpose will make him lose his peace. Your purpose will call your soul to action. A man would become angry and upset when he comes across a problem or an assignment that his purpose is meant to solve.

Moses was born to be a deliverer, but the events of his life did not show any of it. He lived in Pharaoh’s palace, but his purpose stared at him every day. Moses lost his peace every time he saw an Egyptian task master maltreat an Israelite in the field of labour. In one occasion, he challenged the Egyptian task master, killed him and secretly buried him. Eventually, Moses had to run away from Egypt, abandoning his luxurious lifestyle in the palace. His purpose is bigger than the luxury in the palace.

Whenever you see things that spur you to take far reaching actions to bring changes, then pay attention to that moment. There is a purpose in you crying out. Whatever challenges of life you see that brings an explosion of inspiration in you, that could make a difference, then pay attention to it. There is a purpose in you crying out.

For Example:

If seeing people wallow in ignorance of knowledge makes you deeply upset, then you think deeply. You may have a purpose towards providing knowledge through education and training.

If you are deeply upset seeing people being oppressed in injustice, then think deeply. You may have a purpose towards providing justice for the oppressed through legal or other means.

If seeing a scattered house makes you freak out, then think deeply. You may have a purpose towards house interior decoration and orderly organization of events.

7 Ways to discover your life purpose

Whatever give you inner joy and fulfillment

Purpose brings inner joy and fulfillment to a man. When a man works in his purpose, he dwells in complete peace of mind. He is not worried about people mocking him, or who thinks that he is wrong. When a young man derive inner joy in composing music, but his parents wants him to become a medical doctor, he cannot be a good medical doctor even if he eventually graduates from medical school. This is why Lawyers have turned painters, doctors have turned musicians, and engineers have turned cooks. Life is about fulfillment. When a man goes to school to study a different trade from his purpose, he will never be fulfilled.

You will discover your purpose when you find what gives fulfillment. It could be writing short stories and books, selling things to people or preparing delicious meals. Yes, meals that people are willing to pay any amount to eat. It could preaching the gospel. Whatever it is, it will give you fulfillment.

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Whatever you excel doing without stress better than others

Purpose comes with a natural gift, which sets a man apart with abilities to do certain things exceptionally, better than others. Whatever you consistently find yourself excelling in without stress better than others has a purpose for you in it. When a man is working in his purpose, natural ease of achievement flows through him. Work time feels like play time. What others spend days trying to understand, he will do in minutes.

Imagine if you were asked to name all the animals on earth. Where would you start and when will you finish? You would naturally give up, because it is not your purpose. Naming all the animals on earth was God’s purpose for Adam. Without consulting any expert, Adam did it without struggle. Samson had unusual strength to fight in battles. With a jaw bone of an animal, he killed 1000 men in a single battle. With his two hands, he lifted the strong gates of the Philistines. Purpose removes unusual stress and struggle from a man’s life. When God creates a man, he gives his purpose. Upon that purpose, He gives him the ability to fulfill it without stress. When you discover that assignment that you achieve great things without stress or struggle, then you have discovered your purpose.

Building a robots and rockets may be hard, but if you find easy constructing complex systems with scraps, then think deeply about your purpose towards creating simple solutions to complex problems.

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What you will do happily even if you are not paid

Purpose brings wealth, but wealth does not bring purpose. Many seek jobs that pay them well at the expense of their purpose. When their monthly salary is slashed, their joy ends. They become sad and unhappy at work. When they lose their job, they become hopeless. Nobody can sack you from your purpose. Nobody can slash your salary in your purpose. David said, “It is better to be a door keeper in the house of the Lord than to spend time elsewhere. One day in your house oh Lord is better than a thousand elsewhere.”

Purpose places value above money and payment. While monetary reward is necessary, it does not to reveal purpose. Job can trap you out of your purpose. There is nothing like a well-paid job. A well-paid job is an excuse for not discovering your purpose.

Maybe through your job you can find your purpose, but when you discover that assignment that you can happily do even if you are not paid, then you have discovered your purpose.

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Through revelations that point you to greater assignments

As a young man or an old man, consider your dreams and revelation very important to discovering your purpose. Many men of old discovered their purpose through revelation. Consider the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob, who had dreams of where eleven (11) other stars, including the sun and the moon bowed down to his own stars. At the time of Joseph’s dream, it did not make sense to him, but that was the revelation that defined his life’s purpose.

A man’s revelation and dreams are not for storytelling. They contain very important information about what the man would eventually become. I want to strongly argue that every man at one time in his life must have had the revelation of what his purpose is, only that he did not pay attention to it.

From today, pay attention to your dreams, it contains important indicators to your life purpose.


Through parental revelations

When parents are serve God and are aligned to the program of Gods kingdom, they would eventually receive the revelation about their children’s purpose. Before Jesus was born, the Angel told Joseph, Matthew 1:21, that his name will be called Jesus, because he will save His people from their sins. Joseph told Mary, the mother of Jesus. As Jesus grew up, His parents, Joseph and Mary must told him how the Angel appeared and revealed that He would be a savior. The same happened in the case of John the Baptist. His father Zachariah received the Angelic message that the wife will give birth to a child and his name will be called John.

But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John. 14 And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth. 15 For he will be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink. He will also be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb. 16 And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God. 17 He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” (Luke 1:13-17)

Many parents received messages about their children purpose before they were born, but they do not pass on the information or enforce. As a result, the children grow wandering aimlessly.

Ask your parents, what sort of messages, revelations and dreams they had about you before and after you were born. You will be amazed what you will learn. Your purpose may be already revealed through your parents.


Whatever you do that helps you live holy and righteous life

A man’s purpose is provided to preserves his soul to serve God in holiness and righteousness. Those involved in armed robbery gangs, drug gangs, prostitution rings and abortion dens are not fulfilling any purpose. When a man discovers his purpose, his life is ordered in line with God’s word. Any assignment that leads a man into disobedience towards God is not his purpose. God does not give a man any assignment that leads him to disobey Him. Any assignment that destroys life is not a purpose to fulfill.

When you discover your purpose, your heart and actions are redirected towards the kingdom of God.

These are the 7 ways a man can discover his purpose. If you have any question or comments, drop it below.

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