6 Ways to Change Your Life by Changing your thoughts

6 Ways to Change Your Life by Changing your thoughts


Think Positively. Be affirmative of yourself.

You are a product of your thought. Be every action, there is a corresponding thought process. Thoughts are not inherent, they are not hereditary; but Rather, they are a product of what we constantly engage our mind and heart in.
Thoughts are catalytic agents, having the capacity to frame and conform a man from what he use to be to what he his at the moment.

The scripture lays emphasis on this in Romans 12:2 “…be transformed by renewing your mind’.

It means the renewal of your mind, that is, the changing of your thought-focus brings transformation. So to live a more better and meaningful life, be deliberate about what you feed your thoughts. Do not allow negative perspective give you a wrong definition of your worth.

You are a great and mighty man in the sight of the Lord, not a grasshopper. Be affirmative of yourself today. You are who God says you are!

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Think possibilities before giants

Giants are inevitable. When we say ‘giants’, we don’t necessarily mean tall Hunan forms, in its actual sense, it relates to difficult situations and challenges.

When one’s focus is on difficult situations and unsurmountable challenges, we tend to loose sight of opportunities and possibilities around us. Possibility is the mother of success. You are who you are by the choices of thoughts that predominantly occupies your mind. Thoughts of giants are cancer worm to success.

Therefore, before you let those troubles destroy your your life’s pursuits, you must endeavor to see the possibilities that surround you; this gives you the energy to navigate along the right course.


Be deliberate and Take actions (20% Planning, 80% Action)

An intentional man is a man of precision and tenacity. Most a times, we juxtapose our failures with excuses, complains and even errors of people. We tend to justify of inabilities by finding ways to couple the blame on others.

Nothing can take the place of proper planning and taking necessary actions. When planning is sidelined in a process, the end result is usually fractured.

Dear Men of Valour, we must learn to be intentional about our every step in life. By so doing, we are rightly positioned to seeing opportunities, taking proper actions and ultimately enabling progress.

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No Self Pity thinking

Self pity is a psychological defect that cripples effectiveness and success. When we lock up ourselves in the room of self pity, we will definitely get nothing tangible done for ourselves on the long run.

The truth is that self-pity is addictive. It’s like a drug, and soon you barely even notice that you are playing the game of self-pity. In fact, it may make you feel good about yourself at times, especially when it allows you to get attention as well as sympathy from yourself and from other people.

It’s time to get honest with yourself! When you can be honest, you can become aware of how self-pity can really drag you down in life, and you will be more likely to try and overcome it.

To overcome it:
– Recognize that you have a choice
– Allow yourself to feel the pain
– Desire to have more control over your life
– Avoid Bragging about yourself
– Do something! Get busy!

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Do not think what people will say.

Realise that no body really cares of what you think about them if you fail to succeed. Success is a definition of your perspective. The measure of success to you may likely not be how another person evaluate what success means to him/her.

Often times we have allowed ourselves to function at standards below our strength. We have fractured our capacity to do beyond the ordinary simply because of what people will say.

Dear Men of Valour, your life is not a product of other people’s perception, rather your life is framed by how much of God you involve in the whole process. God does not respect persons, instead he satisfies His personal Will on every individual.

Henceforth, do not work with someone else’s clock. This is your own season, so make it count.


Overcome negative stigma and past failures

Everyone has past failures. Records of past uncertainties, broken relationships, divorce and more, and we have allowed these memories to eat up our present lives. In fact, many are still held back in their lives because of this past situations and stigma.

However, for us to make significant moves in our lives, we need to understand that we are not defined by our past. The bible says we should ‘forget the former things’….’setting our affections on things above only’.

6 Ways to Change Your Life by Changing your thoughts

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