6 Important secrets to setting achievable goals

6 Important secrets to setting achievable 2020 goals

The difference between success and failure in the new year is the ability to setting achievable goals. Here are six important secrets to setting good and achievable goals for the new year.

Start on time

Sometimes it seems that a new year has a lot of days, 365 days off course to spend, but actually it does not. For those who do not set their goals and plans early for the new year, they think that the new year is a lot of days and so waste their days, but for those who have goals and plans, 365 days will seem insufficient.

The key to success is starting on time to think of what really matters to you and your life purpose. In fact, for a year like 2020, most successful people completed developing their goals even before the end of 2019.  Sometimes, what hinders most people from starting early is lack of knowledge, not knowing how what to do or how to start. However, using the Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet booklet will give you the great knowledge boost you need to start on time.

2020 Goals setting. The men of valour

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Do it the right way

In addition, setting your goals for 2020 should be top of your priority now, and it must be done the right way if you will ever achieve it. The challenge is that many people do not know the right ways and process for setting achievable goals. while some just rush over it; besides, many do it the wrong way, setting goals that never be achieved. You can get a good guide on the right way for setting achievable goals by using the  Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book. 

Set goals on specific areas of your life purpose

Your goals should focus on specific areas of your life purpose. Those things that really matter to you. If it’s family, business, career, health, let your goals focus on them. Do not set goals on fantasies and what you see other people doing. There are 6 key areas you can focus on your:

  1. Spiritual Life.
  2. Finances.
  3. Family positioning.
  4. Career or business.
  5. Relationship; and
  6. Fitness and health

However, each of these goal type have different languages that underpin them. Having some examples will help you get started. You can get loads of examples by downloading the e-book Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet.

Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet.

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Learn from the best

Furthermore, big companies like Google, NetFlix, Facebook, Exxon Mobile are only big because they set their clear goals and plans before each year ahead of next year. As an individual, you can have a achievable goals and plan just like these companies by looking at what they do. The problem is that their process may seem complex and difficult for individuals to grasp easily. But goal setting principles can be understand and successfully applied by anyone when it is simplified. The Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book provides a simple version of the complex principles for anyone to use. You can download it here.

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Build a plan around your goal

Setting goals is important, but without a plan, goals are useless. A goal is like a destination, but a plan is the vehicle to that destination. When there is no vehicle, a destination is only a wish that can never be reached. The challenge however is that many people simple feel that developing a plan is a daunting task, while some think that it is a waste of time. The good news is that the processes and keys for building a workable plan without hassle has been simplified and people like you can do what big companies do.

There are 9 key elements that form part of a good plan. The Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book provides these steps in clear and understandable manner for anyone to use.

Use a goal setting and plan worksheet

Finally, worksheets are templates that can help you get up to speed in developing your goals and purpose. Unfortunately, these worksheets are not easy to come by and the common ones are not as detailed.  A good worksheet you can use is provided in the Goal Setting Guide and Worksheet e-book.

6 Important secrets to setting achievable 2020 goals

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