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5 Reasons why marriage is not an achievement

5 Reasons why marriage is not an achievement. Many marriages fail because married couples think that marriage is the ultimate achievement and the reason why they came together. Unfortunately, marriage is not an achievement. If marriage is not an achievement, what then is it? Now, these are the 4 Reasons why marriage is not an achievement.


Until Family is built, Marriage is nothing 

The primary purpose of marriage is to build a family. Until family is produced, marriage is a wasted effort. If you get married without building a family, you have wasted your time and life on earth. Marriage has no meaning if it does not produce family.  Some get married without this understanding. Many people think that marriage is an achievement. No it is not, if it does not produce a family. The euphoria and joy of marriage no matter how great, will not make it an achievement until it produces a family. For this reason, the primary purpose of every man or woman getting into marriage should be to build a family. Anyone who destroys his/her marriage with greed, selfish ambition, lust, laziness and impatience destroys his family. To get married is to lay your hands on an opportunity to build a family and build a generation. If you fail to establish a family, you have failed in all. Until family is built, marriage is not an achievement.      

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Family is hard work, Marriage is not

Getting into marriage is easy but getting into the family is hard work. In marriage, you are dealing with yourself and your spouse. However, in a family, you are dealing with growing your children, your wealth, and managing your extended family members like the mother-in-law, father-in-law and other. Those who cannot manage growing their children cannot build a family. This is why some couples are torn apart the moment they start having children. Lack of agreement between husband and wife on what is the best for the children has destroyed many families. Lack of agreement on how to manage extended families has torn many families apart, with the man and the woman taking extreme positions. For this reason, a man who wants to build a family must be patient, and accommodate the opinion of his wife. Without patience, you cannot build a family. Until patience in marriage produces family, it is not an achievement. 

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Marriage dies, but Family lives on

Marriage is a life time experience, but family is a generational experience. Your marriage will end, but your family will not end, if you’ve built one. If you cannot build a marriage, you cannot build family. If you cannot build a family, you cannot build a generation. When you are done with your marriage, your will depart this earth. Believe it or not, one day, you will depart. If you have succeeded in building a family before your depart, you will through it establish another family, over and over again until a generation is built. A generation of people who continuously build a family will never vanish from the face of the earth.  Men who fail to build a family will eventually go extinct from the face of the earth. Until marriage establishes a family that will live after it, it is not an achievement.

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Family, not marriage requires great sacrifice

To succeed in building a marriage, you must have your eyes set on building the family. To succeed in building a family, you must have your eyes set on building your generation. Those who labour to build a family will succeed in building a marriage. Those who labour to building a generation will succeed in building a family. This is why succeeding in a marriage requires a personal sacrifice, but succeeding in family requires a great sacrifice. It requires dealing with heart break, accepting insults, giving up your self-comfort and going the extra mile to bring everybody together under one roof. It is impossible for a selfish man or woman to build a family. A man or woman who cannot make sacrifice cannot build family. When a man’s focus is to satisfy himself, he cannot build a family. He is far from establishing a generation. A marriage where there is not sacrifice for building the family is not an achievement. 

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Marriage is a gift, Family is your hard work

Marriage is already a free gift from God. Its system is already establish for everyman and man who wants to enjoy it to walk into. When you walk into marriage, you just received a gift. It is not an achievement to receive a gift. However, family is a result of your hard work. Family requires the totality of your effort, sacrifice, and commitment to build. Those who stop at receiving the gift of marriage without working hard to build the family lose the marriage. Understand that marriage is an invitation to work and build a family. It is hard sweet work. Until your hard work turns your marriage into a successful family, you marriage is not an achievement.

5 Reasons why marriage is not an achievement… Drop your comments, feedback and questions

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