3 ways to overcome seductive Women

3 Ways to overcome seductive Women

The late Arch Bishop Idahosa, a man God used to raise the dead, shared this personal life experience. He said, I went to a city to minister and some press men arranged for a woman to hide in my hotel room. I went to bed and started sleeping. About 2 hours later, someone started shouting fire, fire, fire, fire. I said where is the fire? I went to the bathroom, because I didn’t know anyone could be in the wardrobe. She kept on shouting fire, fire, fire, fire, I am burning, I am burning, I am burning, she kept crying. I opened the door, there was no fire. Finally, I decide to open the wardrobe, and there was the woman. All her shirt was burnt to ashes with fire. She came out, her skin was peeling. I asked her what happened to her. She said the press men gave her money to stay here, so that when you start sleeping, I should come out and lie with you, so they can say you committed adultery. Seven days later the woman died.

Have you seen how desperate and determined the devil is to pull down any man who is on his way to greatness. There is a battle raging for the soul of the Man, anointed or not, big or small; the battle is here. Any Man who ignores this battle will be swept away. Now is the time for every male-man to stand and resist the destructive Vernon of seductive women.

The unfortunate truth is that so many Men are ignorant of the spiritual battle raging over their lives. They ignore the satanic mission to destroy them through the power of seductive women. They think that the exposed breast, painted faces, fixed longed nails, winky eyes lids and padded backs of these ladies is for fun or expression of love. No they are not! They are graves painted white, to steal, to kill and destroy.

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Foolish Men

Some men think that it is smartness to commit adultery and fornication secretly. Some think that it is an achievement to sleep with many women and marry non. Some boast of their exploits in falling into the laps of  seductive python-women. Some think that it is smartness because they’ve not been caught. Some think it is bravery because their wives and friends are not aware of their secret romance with immorality.

Foolish Men!!! How foolish could such men be? 

A woman you are not married to is offering you her body for sex and you are still standing near her. You are still visiting her. You are still answering her calls at mid night. Are you not foolish? Where are your sense of destiny. Do you not know that sex is covenant? Get up and flee?

Open your ears if you have one. Seductive women are the most dangerous tools in the hands of the devil against men. The devil is eternally doomed and he is determined to pull down any man on his path to hell. He will Roll him in the mud and publicise his shame to the world.

Whether you are as anointed as Arch Bishop Idahosa, a man who raised the dead by the Power of God, or you are just a new beginner, or an unrepented Man, the devil does not care. All he wants is to see you down, buried and sent to hell. He will try and keep trying, seeking for every opportunity for maximum blow. He will pay any amount to sneak any woman into your closet. He waits quietly for your moment of weakness to strike.

Just like the young lady was paid by press men to bring down Arch Bishop Idahosa, many more have been paid to bring you down. If you are the Man who goes about looking for women to sleep with, the type who undresses any lady that passes by, then you are a foolish man. You are like the man who walked into the lion’s den with his two legs. You are digging a deep grave for yourself. Very soon your grave will be ready.

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Python-women are those women who have sold out their hearts to the devil to be used to destroy men and families. Sexual immorality is their way of livelihood. Every part of their body, eyes, tongue and shape are unleashed for seduction. In the office, in the market and in the church, they are hunting for the next man to kill.

Going after married men is their day job. Defiling young men is their happy mission. Breaking marriages and bringing sorrow to the heart of married couples is their mission of Joy. Lord have Mercy!

Many of them are no longer humans. They are possessed with the immoral spirit of Sodom. They appear from the water, carry out their mission and return. Their private part is python’s mouth. Nothing that enters it comes out alive.

They come in seductive, charming looks, winky eye lids, padded back and front, seductive voice, crying for attention until you get into them. Their mission is to swallow your glory for the devil. Once you sleep with them, it is sealed. The real you is swallowed. The empty you will be walking around hopelessly till it dies in shame. Like the woman that hid in Arch Bishop Idahosa’s wardrobe, their mission is to terminate your journey to greatness in shame.

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3 ways to overcome these seductive women

If you are a man, you must open the ears in your head and listen. If you want to live, it is time to secure your life from the destructive Vernon of the python-women who hide in the wardrobe of your heart. There are three (3) steps you must take.

  1. Be a man of prayer and fire.

Flies do not perch on hot food. To overcome seductive women, you must be a man of prayer, too hot to be handled. Matthew 26:41 says, pray that you enter not into temptation, the spirit is willing but the body is weak. The flesh cannot overcome a seductive woman. Money cannot overcome her. Only by the spirit of God can you overcome her. With a consuming fire can you overthrow her. These comes through prayer.

A seductive woman cannot look into the eyes of a man of prayer and fire without getting burnt. A man who does not pray is like a plate of bone set before dogs. He is a food for the devil’s agents. The devil will devour him like vulture feeding on carcass.

If you want to overcome in this generation, you must carry the fire of prayer in you soul. You must send a clear warning the devil not to try you. If Arch Bishop Idahosa was a prayerless man, the woman would have succeeded in destroying him. Being a man who carried the fire of prayer in his soul, the power of God released fire and burnt the lady in the wardrobe where she hid herself. Prayer resists the enemy. The bible said, resist the devil, he will flee from you. How do you resist the devil? It is through the prayer.

But how do you pray if you have not repented of your sin and surrendered to God? You Must repent of your sin. Confess your sins and forsake them completely. Accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Saviour. Make peace God, then your prayer will be envelope with fire. The enemy cannot stand you.

  1. Be a man of absolute discipline and character

A man without character is like a lion without teeth and claws. He has lost his true being. He can be used for anything. He can be dragged to anywhere by anybody. He has lost his will power to say no. He has lost who he is. Such a man will follow any woman and run after anything on skirts. He will die in the street, in the hands of those he called lovers.

As a man, when you walk through this earth, stay focused on keeping your character within a fence of fire that no seductive immoral woman can come close. Be disciplined to a fault. Let every lady know you as a Man they cannot mess up or destroy. Let them know you as the Man whose destiny is too precious to be bought with one night stand. Let them know you as the Man who has placed his body under control, not as the Man whose body has placed under arrest.

If you have made mistakes in the past, you still have an opportunity to return to God. Repent, forsake the path of destruction and return to God. Stand out as a man who is sincerely saying, ‘I will never go back again.’

  1. Be a man of purpose and dreams

Purpose and dreams keeps a man focused in life. Focus helps a Man to stay on the track in life. A Man without purpose is a man without focus. He will walk into the bush while thinking he is still on the road. Because he does not understand what he is looking for, he will follow anything that looks like what he wants. Eventually, he will end up in the bush.

Purpose is like a life compass. It helps you avoid fruitless journey paths. It helps keep your mind on fire for excellence. It helps a man develop commitment that engages his time fruitfully.

Purpose a burden in a man to pray and seek God’s help. In doing so, his love for evil and immorality dies a hundred times over. Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, comes with power that makes a man too hot for the enemy to swallow.

If you have no purpose and dreams in life, find one now, I mean now. If you have found your purpose, protect it with prayers that send fire to burn any strange woman hiding in the wardrobe of your success.

If you are married, no matter what is going on in your home, no matter the challenges, never go into immorality. Stay away from it. Stay close to your wife. Things will get better. If you are single, pre-marital sex is like poison. Do not touch it. Preserve yourself until you marry. It is worth it!

3 ways to overcome seductive women… Be a man of prayer and fire. Be a man of discipline and character. Be a man of purpose and dreams.


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