A woman not teachable

3 Reasons a man should not marry a woman he cannot teach

3 Reasons a man should not marry a woman he cannot teach

So many marriages end up in divorce simply because the man could not perform his primary responsibility of teaching the family. A man should never marry a woman he cannot teach. This is why…

It is a sign the man will fail in his family

Man of valour in Prayer

One primary responsibility of every man is the duty to teach, instruct and guide His family, starting from his wife. Men were assigned this responsibility from creation.

Look at what happened at creation. When God created Adam, He gave him instructions of how to govern the earth. God instructed Adam to be fruitful and multiply. God also instructed Adam not to eat fruit from the tree at the center of the garden of Eden. In the time of giving these instructions, the woman, Eve has not been created. When God created Eve, He did not repeat those same instructions to her. It was Adam who thought Eve everything God instructed them to do starting from Eden. Adam did his part. When Satan came tempting Eve, she quoted exactly what God had told Adam. This shows us that Adam taught Eve everything God instructed him about the earth and Eden. (Genesis 2:16-17).

As a man, you are the first pastor and priest of your home. You are God’s representative in that family. Your first duty is to teach your home in the will and word of God. A lady who is not teachable, no matter how educated and elevated is not a wife for you. Never marry a lady who will discourage you from teaching your family. If you fail to teach your family, you have failed as a father.

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It is a sign the woman will not be a good wife

A woman not teachableA lady who feels too proud, too knowledgeable or too elevated that she cannot take words of advice or guidance from her husband, is not a wife. She has become a man of her own. It is a sign of pride, selfishness and arrogance, which has destroyed so many marriages. Communication walls, quarrel and violent exchanges between a man and his wife are common where the woman feels that she knows all. Before you propose to a woman, make sure she is teachable.

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It is a sign that the marriage will collapse

Broken marriage

A lady who is impatient to listening to you or allows you alter words of advice without shaking her head or wagging her waist restlessly is giving you clear signs that you cannot teach her. Men lose their confidence to teach in their homes, when they feel that no one is listening. A family where the man has lost his confidence to exercise the responsibility to guide, counsel and teach his family including the wife will eventually collapsed.

3 Reasons a man should not marry a woman he cannot teach… Love this message? Share it with friends and all men. Drop your feedback, comments and question in the box below.

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