3 Awesome Ways to Spend Time with your Family

3 Awesome Ways to Spend Time with your Family

Time spent with family is a precious moment which creates bonding and lasting memories. Many wish they could have more time with their family but, do not know how to go about it. These are 3 awesome ways you can spend time with your family.

Meal Time

It is important that you as a Man of Valour be home on the regular basis for meals. Place it as a priority on your agenda. Place great value on the family meal, seeking to use it as a time for the entire family to connect and to share. Do not allow television, radio, or books to disrupt this precious time. Do not rush through the meal, rather work at making it a sharing time and a happy event as you devote an hour to your family. Make sure you spend time with your family. Healthy relationships require time. It shows true love.

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Family night

Mark a night in your calendar as an appointment with your family. Discuss intimate and old stories. Listen to the children as they untwine themselves, it is then that you can build a reservoir of intimacy that can help in the more difficult teenage years. Vacations are essential. Make vacations good times. Give it your attention. Make it a priority.


Birthdays are special moment to spend time with your family. It might be the birthday ceremony of your immediate family, extended family or friends. Selectively, you can make out time to celebrate those birthday moments with your family. Travel to the venue, share the moments and enjoy every bit of it together.

3 Awesome Ways to Spend Time with your Family.

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